Hiring top tech talent in Portugal: strategies for success

Discover the benefits of hiring in Portugal, insights on remote hiring and relocation, and challenges to consider.

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September 13, 2023

In an era where technological advancements are reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace, companies more than ever need top-tier tech talent. During turbulent times such as this one, when the industry’s bubble has popped, and hiring freezes and layoffs take center-stage, tech recruitment needs to guarantee something crucial: talent quality.  

Beyond the borders of the familiar, lies a promising hub of innovation Portugal. Read ahead while we unravel the secrets to successfully hiring tech professionals in Portugal, whether for remote work or relocation

The benefits of hiring in Portugal

Portugal, with its sun-kissed beaches and rich cultural heritage, offers more than just a picturesque backdrop. Its allure extends to the tech realm, where a number of factors makes it an attractive hub for both companies and potential employees

Let’s take a look these three factors that makes hiring tech professionals in Portugal truly appealing: 

  • Proficiency in English: ranked as 9th among 111 countries, Portugal’s professionals are extremely proficient in English. This serves as a connecting bridge, smoothing communication channels and fostering effective collaboration within any English-communicating company or international scenario. 
  • Time zone alignment: often overlooked, but a key element. For North American companies, for example, engaging with Portuguese talent remotely provides extended working hours, bolstering project continuity and boosting customer support efforts, ultimately increasing client satisfaction.
  • Inherent cultural compatibility: shared work ethics, multiculturality and collaborative mindsets create a common ground for seamless team integration and streamlined project execution. 
  • Affordable salaries: the average salary of a developer in Portugal, as of 2023, is 44.449€ (source: GTTT 2023). Comparatively with other European countries, and even other continents, Portugal represents a relatively low salary range. 

Challenges to consider

While Portugal’s benefits are undeniable, there are challenges that you should be mindful of when venturing into this talent-rich landscape. 

One of them is the escalating competition for tech talent. With a surge in demand for skilled professionals, both local and international companies are vying for the same individuals. This intensification of the talent race can lead to scarcity and increased pressure on you as an employer to stand out.

Another point to make is that, while English proficiency is widespread in Portugal, nuances, cultural or language barriers aren’t to be completely ruled out. You still need to invest in effective communication strategies, to guarantee that all team members can collaborate seamlessly.

Best practices for successful hiring

To triumph in the quest for tech talent in Portugal, you can embrace several key best practices:

  • Craft a compelling employer brand: companies with a compelling mission and a vibrant work culture are magnets for talent. Showcase your uniqueness and values to leave a lasting impression on potential candidates, and work on your employer brand long-term. 
  • Flexibility as a focal point: offering flexible work arrangements, including remote options, can broaden your talent reach. The modern workforce values work-life balance, and this flexibility can be a deciding factor for top-tier candidates.
  • Champion career growth: highlight the prospects for professional growth within your company. Tech professionals are inherently curious and ambitious, and the promise of learning and advancement can be a powerful incentive.
  • Embrace cultural diversity: diversity fuels innovation. Embracing cultural differences fosters a dynamic environment where new ideas flourish, enhancing creativity and problem-solving.
  • Streamline recruitment processes: a convoluted and protracted hiring process can deter top talent. Simplify procedures while ensuring comprehensive candidate evaluation. Seeking help from a local tech recruitment partner can help with this. 
  • Competitive compensation packages: research local salary benchmarks to offer competitive compensation. The Global Tech Talent Trends offers a detailed and realistic view of the Portuguese tech industry. A fair package not only attracts talent but also shows your appreciation for their expertise.
  • Foster relevant collaborations: cultivating relationships with local partners can yield substantial benefits. Special programs like Future.Talent and partnerships allow you to identify and nurture potential hires early in their professional journey.

Remote work, relocation or… distributed teams?

Whether you’re considering hiring tech talent from Portugal to work remotely, relocate to HQ or even to be part of a small local distributed team, we have the best tips for you.  

Exploring the realm of remote work

Hiring Portuguese talent for remote positions opens a realm of possibilities. Portugal’s robust internet infrastructure and tech-savvy professionals create a good environment for remote work. 

Through video calls, project management tools, and real-time communication platforms, geographical distance becomes irrelevant, and teams are able to collaborate seamlessly across time zones.

Paying salary to international employees in another country like Portugal might be an added challenge due to local labour laws and compliance, which is why getting specialised help, like an Employer of Record service provider, might be the best solution. 

Relocation dynamics: Portugal to North America

While remote work is a powerful paradigm, the prospect of relocating Portuguese professionals to North America unveils new dimensions of integration and collaboration. 

This, however, requires meticulous planning. Considerations like work visas, cultural adaptations, and smooth integration into the new environment are pivotal. 

Partnering with relocation agencies can be extremely useful in order to streamline the process and make sure you stay compliant at all times. Better yet, partnering with someone who combines tech recruitment and visa support.

By addressing these aspects, the transition becomes smoother, and the foundation for sustained success is laid.

Building local distributed teams

If you’re hiring several tech professionals in Portugal but your HQ is not in Portugal, you might consider forming one or several small distributed teams based outside of the metropolitan areas. What this means is that you’ll have “small headquarters” for peripheral teams that can have hybrid work arrangements, and work from the office some days per week. 

Having these professionals to live near the peripheral office allows them to keep a better work-life balance due to having access to lower rent, less traffic and general increased well being. On top of that, by having a hybrid work routine, they can maintain a healthy and revived work culture, be with coworkers face-to-face, while you as the employer get to enjoy the benefits of having a unified team and low employment costs

You might also consider partnering with a local Portuguese agency for this method, since it requires a lot of local knowledge not only for recruitment, but also about labour laws, compliance, office setup, and others. 

Portugal’s promise of tech talent

Portugal stands as a beacon of tech talent, offering you a treasure trove of skills, expertise, and innovation. 

By leveraging the benefits, acknowledging challenges, and implementing best practices, you can build remote or relocated teams that become agents of growth and innovation

The key to successful hiring in Europe rests upon understanding the intricate dynamics of the local talent market and adapting your strategies accordingly.

Consider partnering you with a specialised local partner like Landing.Jobs as your gateway to recruit, relocate and/or pay top Portuguese tech talent. 

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