Unveiling Future.Talent: our pledge to nurture young tech talent

Investing €300,000 to bridge the gap between young tech talent and employers. Find out how you can be part of Future.Talent.

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August 23, 2023

We, at Landing.Jobs, are thrilled to introduce a game-changing initiative that’s close to our hearts – Future.Talent. This innovative programme is tailor-made for companies eager to foster emerging tech talents. Our goal is clear: to drive the recruitment of young tech enthusiasts through a substantial investment of €300,000.

Why are we so passionate about Future.Talent? Well, it’s not just about finding great candidates – it’s about helping young professionals kick-start their tech careers and enabling companies to find the right talent seamlessly. We understand the challenges that young talents face when entering the job market, and we’re here to bridge the gap.

Our programme was born out of a genuine concern for the hurdles faced by young tech professionals as they embark on their careers. It represents our commitment to make a difference – to empower companies that are looking to harness the incredible potential of fresh talent from our educational institutions. After all, nurturing these talents from the outset is key to building a thriving tech landscape.” — Pedro Moura, Chief Growth Officer at Landing.Jobs

So, what does Future.Talent entail? 

Our aim is ambitious: to facilitate the hiring of 100 young tech professionals by the end of 2023. How do we plan to achieve this? By extending our premium recruitment services and platform to participating companies – and the best part? It’s all without the usual hiring costs.

The inspiration for Future.Talent struck a chord with us through the impactful “Pacto Mais e Melhores Empregos para os Jovens” (Pact for More and Better Jobs for Youth), an initiative by the Fundação José Neves. This initiative echoes our own belief in collective responsibility, and we’re fully invested in creating a brighter future. We’re committed to creating more and better job opportunities for the youth, and that’s where programmes like Future.Talent shine.

Young talent deserves opportunities, and companies have a lot to gain as well. We often see a job market where young individuals are on the hunt for opportunities, yet companies tend to lean towards experienced professionals. Our mission is to change this dynamic, creating an environment where emerging talents can contribute to our companies and the global tech sector. This, in turn, boosts our competitiveness on a global scale.” — Pedro Moura, CGO

If you’re as excited as we are and want to be a part of Future.Talent, reach out to us through the programme’s dedicated website

And to all you budding tech professionals out there, we encourage you to seize the moment. Explore the openings within companies participating in Future.Talent on our platform. The early response has been incredible, with several companies already opening doors for junior professionals on our recruitment platform.

Future.Talent isn’t just about matching talents with opportunities; it’s about sculpting the future of Portugal’s tech industry. As we take the lead in this transformative journey, the narrative of tech recruitment is set to change – one young talent at a time. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow.

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