Career development: how to use technology to retain talent

Businesses that provide career development opportunities improve employee engagement by 15% and retention by 34%.

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May 31, 2023

86% of professionals would switch jobs if a new company provided better professional development, while businesses that provide career development opportunities improve employee engagement by 15% and retention by 34%, Harvard Business Review reveals. Strengthening internal career development is key to boosting employee performance and retaining top talent. With the use of the right tech tools, you can successfully facilitate career conversations, upskill employees, and promote career path visibility. 

Talk to your employees

Start by talking with your employees one-on-one to understand their abilities, goals, and potential skills gaps that need rectifying. Only with this knowledge will you be able to provide them with the tailored support they need to reach their individual goals. That said, managers are largely unprepared to have these conversations – only 1 in 4 managers say they’re confident doing so. Fortunately, online career coaching platforms can help managers strengthen their communication and problem-solving skills. Through a series of virtual sessions, managers can develop the confidence needed to support their employees professionally. 

Upskill employees 

Upskilling programs boosted productivity and retention for 93% of businesses after implementation, yet 47% of employees say they get less than three hours a month in training. By providing employees with flexible, on-demand training, you can help them advance their careers in a way that fits in with their schedule. Elearning courses, in particular, can allow employees to upskill and take charge of their own career development. Not only can this help boost employee engagement and motivation, but it also holds them accountable for their career progression. With eLearning courses, employees can develop skills in an area that suits their interests and is relevant to their careers.  

Promote internal career path visibility

It may not be clear to employees how they can move up within your company, particularly if it’s a large organisation where new opportunities aren’t easy to find. Career management software can solve this problem: it outlines skill sets needed for each role within the company, before assessing your existing workforce and matching employees with the positions they’re most suited to. This software can also highlight any training that may be needed by individual employees to help them move forward within your organisation. 

Career development is key to retaining top talent. By talking with your employees, implementing upskilling programs, and promoting internal opportunities, you can successfully strengthen professional development across your organisation.

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