Aim for more, make your tech career global

Companies are hiring global tech talent to work remotely or relocate, paying higher salaries and providing better quality of life. What are you waiting for?

How do you want to benefit from the globalisation of tech work?

I want stay in my country and work remotely for a company across-borders to improve my salary and work-life balance
I want to land a new job in another country and relocate there (maybe with my family) to improve my quality of life, safety and career challenges
I just want to move to another country and work remotely from there, to know new cultures, improve my work-life balance and life quality

No need to sweat.

Landing.Jobs will get you global

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We help you land global jobs for top companies with personalised support.

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We help you find a fully remote tech job with top global companies, from wherever you are.

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We assure you receive your salary on time, in the currency of your choice, wherever you are, taking care of all bureaucratic details.

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Join our global community of 200.000+ tech professionals who are changing their lives and careers for the better, together.

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Nuno Silva, DevOps Engineer @ Nmbrs

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Isabel Novais, UX/UI Designer @ NUXEO

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Tauan Vivekananda, Product Designer @ Hitachi Vantara

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Fausto Braz, Frontend Web Developer @ NFON

Tech work is global. Companies are looking for tech talent all over the world for remote work or for relocation. This is a huge opportunity to improve your career, salary, quality of life and safety.

Our mission is to help you do it.