Work for companies anywhere, get paid wherever you are

Improve your salary and quality of life by working remotely for a company across-borders and receiving your salary locally, on-time, with no risk. We handle all details.

To each their own career goal.
What’s yours?

Improve my career and salary by working remotely for a company across-borders while staying in my country

Increase my quality of life and salary by relocating to and working in another country

Go truly global, be a digital nomad travelling and working remotely for companies anywhere in the world

Landing.Jobs helps you change your career and your life

Land jobs in companies you love

We connect you to top global companies and job opportunities, helping with everything along the way, including relocation and visa support. If you’re already being hired, we just help with the Payments part.

Have all the bureaucratic details taken care of

Work contracts, visa, legal and compliance documentation, social security, invoices, payslips, taxes, etc. We take care of it all for you, so you can focus on your life and your career.

Receive the salary as you want it

Always get your salary on time, in the currency and bank of your choice, without any problems or hidden costs.

Have all the benefits you need

It’s really not just about salary, is it? You need access to paid vacations and holidays, international health and travel insurance, training and technical equipment allowance, and other benefits. We make it happen.

we always have your back

Your career is our mission. We make it personal to always be there for you, because you’re the reason we exist and because we want you always to be with us too.

We’ve helped than 4.500 tech professionals from all over the world change their lives.

“Before, it was a pain just to get a response to my applications. With Landing.Jobs, everything was very positive, the team was available all the time, and you always knew whether you were turned down or accepted.“

Nuno Silva, DevOps Engineer @ Nmbrs

“With Landing.Jobs, we always get a response. Besides, they know how to manage our expectations and we always know what are the stages of the recruitment processes. They have a super human and supportive follow-up.”

Isabel Novais, UX/UI Designer @ NUXEO

“I will advise Landing.Jobs for every friend that works in IT-related jobs! It has a much better experience than LinkedIn to find a job, not only about the product experience itself, but the support from Landing.Jobs team was awesome!“

Tauan Vivekananda, Product Designer @ Hitachi Vantara

“The best thing about Landing.Jobs is always having the feedback from their team coming in. An awesome platform to find your next tech job.”

Fausto Braz, Frontend Web Developer @ NFON

How does it work?

Step 1

Land a job

A  Land a job using our Hiring services

B  You’re already being hired but don’t know how you’ll be paid

C  You just want to keep your job but move to another country

Step 2


We connect with you and your current or future employer to take care of all the legal, contractual and onboarding details

Step 3

Payments (recurring)

Monthly, your employer pays us and we pay you in the currency and bank of your choice, handling all the tax and legal details. You’ll always receive salary on the same day, whether they have already paid us or not

Step 4


If the relationship between you and your employer comes to an end, we take care of all the bureaucracies and details regarding work contract termination

Step 5

Next job / project
We can start taking care of finding you your next job, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Step 2


You have the power to steer your career wherever you want, 
improve your life and reach the future you deserve.
We’re here to help you make it happen.