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Candidate Search 1.0 Release Notes: a way to level up the job search marketplace

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April 6, 2018
Long are the days where filling an application form with 30 questions was the only way to get a position at your dream company. Remember the feeling of sickness in your stomach every time you need to think about what to say on a Cover Letter or how to adapt your CV?

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

A major part of your network have probably found their current job either through a referral, an informal acquaintance or a company approach. And this phenomenon is even greater inside the tech realm, given the obvious gap between the demand of skilled talent and the number of tech professionals available.

The result is a change in the dynamics of the market, and a chance for companies like to improve the job search experience of both employers and candidates.

The classical way to find a job

In a marketplace with a lot of candidates with similar skills, a few big household companies attracted the biggest slice of the labour market. This gave them the possibility to treat applicants as a commodity, cherrypicking the best ones.

The modern way to find a job

With the greater dissemination of the variety of career opportunities available for individuals, and the specificity of the skills needed to accomplish companies’ projects; we’re witnessing an inversion of the previous relationship.

Companies are now increasing their active reach to candidates which fit their very specific requirements. Since candidates are now in possession of both more information on the market and an interest signal from companies, they are in a much better negotiating position.

So what?

The shift in mentalities above is the reason exists in the first place. “We’re on a mission to make tech recruitment a rewarding experience for everyone.” (it’s really on our site).

Observing these changes on the market, we understand it is necessary to offer both candidates and companies different ways to interact with each other. Candidate Search is the first step in that direction.

On it, our company users can search through a database of anonymised candidate profiles, and when they find someone fitting just “Request a Handshake” © (not really copyrighted).

Here’s a visual overview:

Or in a few short words: it’s Tinder for job search.

The product was in a MVP version for a while already, working under the radar with a few selected companies. Since it has proven its worth — leading candidates to be introduced and hired to companies which otherwise, we’re now ready to give it the spotlight it deserves!

Candidate Search changes the interactions available between our users: before, a candidate could only apply to a company with an open position; now, companies can apply to candidates who match their needs.

This accompanies the exact trend we’ve seen on the labour market. And it democratises the application process, since it is no longer a one-way relationship — candidates and companies mantain a balanced relationship.

Next Steps

  1. If you’re a tech professional that wants to get applications from companies, sign up to If you already did, be sure you update your profile settings to be visible to our companies;
  2. If you’re an employer interested in using Candidate Search, get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

A special thanks for everyone participating in the making of Candidate Search 1.0, especially Cristina Feijó and Pedro Rodrigues. You’re awesome!

Don’t forget to follow us on Medium to get the news of what we’ve been releasing (I promise I’ll try to write more). Oh, and give some applause if you like what we’re doing!

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