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We help you attract the right tech professionals


Extra exposure for your job opening through our newsletter, aggregators, partner and affiliate websites, social media and community.

Employer Branding

We showcase your tech stack, values and culture so our community can better relate to them whilst getting to know more about you.

Content Marketing

We know how to connect you with the right tech talent whilst making sure your message reaches them.

Community Reach

We're immersed in all major European tech hubs, enabling you to connect with tech talent across Europe.

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We help you match withour community

Matching Algorithms

We compare talent data with your job openings to filter the right talent for you.

Candidate Search

Browse, contact and engage with our community.

Market Insights

We give you salaries and other market data to help you better match to our community.

Curators Network

A team of hand-picked tech professionals validates all applications to make sure they match your requirements.

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Your Hiring Partner

Making your hiring process easy and successful

Customer Support

We're here to help you connect with the right talent. We're here to advise on recruitment, interview processes, and candidate engagement.

Proactive Feedback

We're driven to provide the best candidate experience in the industry, but we know your time is precious. We make it easy for you to provide feedback to all candidates in your pipeline, so you can focus on delivering your hiring goals.

ATS Integrations

We save you the hassle of communicating on several channels. Manage your hiring processes in your ATS of choice.

Smart Notifications

Don’t miss out on great tech talent through our platform in-app or email notification system.

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Let's take your hiring process to the next level

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Who is hiring with us


ZeShaan Shamsi, from Onfido

“Landing.jobs has helped us connect with awesome Engineers for our London and Lisbon offices. The Landing.careers Festival was a massive success for us. Their team are also always on hand to help whenever we’ve needed.”

ZeShaan Shamsi ,
Head of Talent Acquisition at

Vadim Weinig, from 77 Diamonds

“Setting up in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Landing.jobs not only helped us find top level developers, but they went above and beyond the hiring process and helped us get acquainted with local bureaucracy whilst making us comfortable about the decision we made.”

Vadim Weinig ,
Co-Founder at
77 Diamonds

Vaida Revuckaite, from Typeform

“With an easy-to-use platform, top-notch support, and excellent candidate communication, Landing.jobs has been a great help for us. We couldn't be happier with our Landing.jobs tech hires!”

Vaida Revuckaite,
People Operations at


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Ideal if you want to hire up to 3 tech professionals.

of your hires’ Gross Annual Salary.
90 days guarantee.
  • Company Promotion
  • Selected Candidates
  • Customer Support
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The best option if you need to hire more than 3 tech professionals.

Set a monthly investment according to your needs
  • Company Promotion
  • Selected candidates
  • Customer Support
  • Candidate Search
  • Unlimited Hires
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Company Promotion

We take advantage of our growing tech community and social media presence to attract the right talent.

Selected Candidates

Our algorithms and tech experts will help you to choose the right tech professionals.

Customer Support

We're by your side from day one, and we help you throughout the entire process.

Candidate Search*

Browse, contact and engage with our pool of international tech talent.

Unlimited Hires*

Hire as many tech professionals as you want with no extra costs.

* Only available for the Subscription pricing plan

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