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We help you attract the right tech professionals


Extra exposure for your job offer through our newsletters, aggregators, partner and affiliate websites, social media, etc. We're always coming up with new ideas too.

Employer Branding

We showcase your tech stack, values and culture so our candidates can better relate to them whilst getting to know more about your company.

Content Marketing

We know how to reach the right tech talent whilst making sure your message reaches them.

Community reach

It takes one to know one — as tech professionals ourselves, we know what to look for. We're not afraid to dig deep to help you land your next hire.

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We match the right candidates to your positions

Scoring & smart filters

Our exclusive hireability score helps to select the right professionals to engage with.

Candidate assessment

Forget sifting through hundreds of unsuitable applications. We screen and assess your candidates, saving you time and money.

Tech challenges

We work with the best assessment platforms in the market and our own engineering team develops the tests used to evaluate candidates.

Tech curators network

A crowdsourced group of senior tech professionals selects the profiles worth your time by making sure their tech skills match your needs and expectations.

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We help you manage candidates’ expectations

Customer Support

Our personal touch. You get a dedicated account manager that engages actively with candidates during the hiring process, keeping them updated at all times.

Application feedback

We help you build your employer reputation. Even when candidates are turned down, we still make sure they receive constructive feedback.

ATS integration

We save you the hassle of communicating with candidates on several channels. Manage them in your ATS of choice without needing to interact with one more platform.

Email and in-app messaging

We notify you about any updates on your hiring processes. You can control which in-app or email notifications you receive so you don’t miss out on any great candidates.

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Who is hiring with us


ZeShaan Shamsi, from Onfido

“Landing.jobs has helped us connect with awesome Engineers for our London and Lisbon offices. The Landing.careers Festival was a massive success for us. Their team are also always on hand to help whenever we’ve needed.”

ZeShaan Shamsi ,
Head of Talent Acquisition at

Vadim Weinig, from 77 Diamonds

“Setting up in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Landing.jobs not only helped us find top level developers, but they went above and beyond the hiring process and helped us get acquainted with local bureaucracy whilst making us comfortable about the decision we made.”

Vadim Weinig ,
Co-Founder at
77 Diamonds

Sofia Carvalho, from Talkdesk

“Around 40% of our tech team landed a job through Landing.jobs. It works.”

Sofia Carvalho ,
Head of Human Resources at

Vaida Revuckaite, from Typeform

“With an easy-to-use platform, top-notch support, and excellent candidate communication, Landing.jobs has been a great help for us. We couldn't be happier with our Landing.jobs tech hires!”

Vaida Revuckaite,
People Operations at


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Company Promotion

We take advantage of our growing tech community and social media presence to attract the right talent.

Selected Candidates

Our algorithms and tech experts will help you to choose the right tech professionals.

Customer Support

We're by your side from day one, and we help you throughout the entire process.

Candidate Search*

Browse, contact and engage with our pool of international tech talent.

Unlimited Hires*

Hire as many tech professionals as you want with no extra costs.

* Only available for the Subscription pricing plan

Like what you're seeing?

Get to know us even better in a quick call

Schedule a quick call with us

Awesome! Your request has been sent.

Our team will contact you within 1–2 business days.