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Hire tech professionals who fit in with your Company's needs and culture.

Connect with exclusive international Candidates and get valuable market insights.


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Start receiving prescreened applications that match with your job openings' specific requirements.

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Seamlessly manage applications throughout your hiring process and hand-pick talent based upon your needs and requirements.

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Always, get support from our team along the way!

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GlovoVolkswagen Digital SolutionsAdelloProzis
Hitachi VantaraFREE NOWMarfeelFeedzai
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Using, we accessed an exclusive community of tech professionals to which we could show our brand. It's simply a different pool of quality talent.
João Vieira de Sousa, HR Team Leader
Volkswagen Group Services

Get access to our Community and attract exclusive Talent

International Talent pool
Have access to diverse Talent located all over the world, without the stress of visa expenses.
Market your Brand, make some noise
We'll help you reach the right Candidates by spreading your Brand through our channels and network.

Matching the right Talent with the right jobs

Identify the right fit
Through our pre-screened Application process we show you which Candidates best fit your jobs’ requirements.
Save time and make your job easier
By aligning quality and quantity in Candidate delivery, we help you find the right Talent - efficient and simple.
Forget the pile of CV's on your email. will identify the right candidates for you and help you make great hiring decisions.
Sophia Jahnke, HR Recruiting Coordinator
FreeNow DE
testimonial [has] been great Partners of ours, helping us hire the key engineers of our iOS team. They showed us how to proactively reach out to the candidates that fit our specific briefs and hire to our team. It was pretty seamless and I don't often say this, but in this case it just worked.
Jason Goodman, Founder and CEO

Proactively search for the right Profile

We provide you with the tools required to proactively search for potential Candidates and begin the process without risk of spam.

By asking for contact requests, help us improve our machine learning algorithm and your chances to find the right fit!

Want to start proactively searching for Talent?

Get support from our Team along the way

Attract more Talent with great job descriptions
We'll assist you in communicating your job openings to best appeal potential Candidates. No Candidate will have doubts on what you're looking for.
Valuable market insights
The market is changing daily, we know it's hard to keep up. Get access to exclusive market knowledge from our Team.

Have access to all the tools you need to make the right hire

Manage your Applications with a user-friendly experience
Control content and applications with a focused interface that’s both efficient and easy to use.
Feeling overloaded? We help you keep track of your pipeline
Applications, Applications everywhere! We know it can be overwhelming sometimes - that’s why we help you to keep track of your priorities and actions through reports and Team support.
Integration with your favourite ATS tools
Seamless integration with your tools: Manage your workflow using your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS), all in one.

Pricing Plans

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Pay per Hire
Ideal for 1 Hire every 3 months
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Promote your company to 5.000 new users every month
Pre-screened Applications
Company promotion through our channels
Unlimited Jobs
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Note: 90 days guarantee of replacement.
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Ideal for more than 1 Hire every 3 months
according to your needs
Promote your company to 5.000 new users every month
Pre-screened Applications
Company promotion through our channels
Unlimited Jobs
Unlimited Hires
Access to our 120.000 users database to proactively search for Talent
Personal market Advisory
Job content revision and enhancement
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