Join us on Dec 9-10 for the Future.Works Tech Conference! We will explore the Java and JavaScript worlds on each of the days, respectively.

Our story is a candidate-driven tech careers marketplace. We’re dedicated to matchmaking great tech talent with great opportunities.

We treat our community members like people, and not just another entry on a database. You’ll always hear back from us, and you’ll always get honest feedback.

We help you do a career review before you successfully deploy your next job.

Behind the scenes, we’re an international bunch of technologists and (the good side of) recruiters based out of Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona and London.

Our mission is to build nothing less than the top destination for tech professionals who want to advance their careers.

We not only want to make tech recruitment a less painful process, we want to make it worth your while.

Meet the team

  • José Paiva

    José Paiva

    Co-founder & CEO

    People development and career management specialist. Interviewed thousands of tech professionals during his career. Data, business intelligence and international expansion are his “particular set of skills”.

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  • Pedro Oliveira

    Pedro Oliveira


    An engineer at heart. In love with HR Tech on a mission to figure out how to improve recruitment & career development. Jason Bourne fan.

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  • Diogo Oliveira

    Diogo Oliveira

    Head of Business Development

    A native of Porto who’s making his way facing challenges on an efficient and smart way. In data he trusts alongside guts and sweat. Lifelong learner by nature, he’s the fire that burns against the cold. Sports enthusiast and conceived to be on the top.

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  • Maria Tolentino

    Maria Tolentino

    Head of Operations

    Passionate about people's emotions and brains; energised by "do not disturb" breaks - a Luso-Indian rollercoaster! Time and rhythm walk together, she can't avoid following the beat... with a crush on Kizomba and Forró: shall we dance?

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  • Damian Ciocianu

    Damian Ciocianu

    NL & DE Business Lead

    Half Dutch - half Romanian, a dash of Lisboeta and 100% stubborn - enough is never enough! Keen on trying every restaurant in town and getting that passport stamped up before expiring. Let's do this!

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  • João Aires

    João Aires

    Engineering Lead

    Experienced software engineer with a little crush for Python and a complicated relationship with JavaScript. He's also known by always carrying a screwdriver on his pocket and for loving Tex-Mex.

    • Luís Pereira

      Luís Pereira

      Data & Analytics Lead

      Small town boy with a soft spot for bossa nova, amazing landscapes and everything startup. Careful: Indian spices included.

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    • Pedro Castro

      Pedro Castro

      PT Business Lead

      Lisbon city lad, powered by thank you's and solving people's problems. Always up for a chat on tech, ethics, politics, or economics. If lost, find him in Middle-Earth, the Outer Rim, or Farhampton.

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    • Pedro Prats

      Pedro Prats

      Product Lead

      Software Engineer, Business Consultant, Team Lead, Project Manager, Product Owner. Obsessed with 2 distinct but intertwined topics: the future of tech work and the mysteries of the brain.

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    • Rhaica Silva

      Rhaica Silva

      People Operations Lead

      Dance lover and really enjoys watching movies 'til late night.

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    • Adriana Geraldes

      Adriana Geraldes

      Visual Designer

      She may be small but full of RGB and CMYK inside. If you're kind to her, don’t be afraid, most of the time she's very font of people because they are just her type!

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    • Alessandra Moura

      Alessandra Moura

      Talent Success Specialist

      Full-time talent developer, part-time thrill seeker. An inquisitive Brazilian with a masters in advertising design and a background in marketing. Happiest when eating her way around the world in exciting and exotic locations.

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    • Beatriz Albernaz

      Beatriz Albernaz

      CRM Specialist

      Haply ended up on CRM. D&D and boardgames enthusiast. Probably living full-time on a sitcom but still doesn't know it. Oh and... yes, expect some sarcasm and silliness.

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    • Gabriella Bougleux

      Gabriella Bougleux

      UX/UI Designer

      I'm a proud carioca with a designer background who loves Portugal, to travel, photography, beach and Carnival!

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    • Joana Flores

      Joana Flores

      UX/UI Designer

      Don’t be surprised to find her dancing to the sound of a Rumba or Tango since dancing is one of her passions, but it’s not the only one! She loves traveling, nature and yoga, but her greatest passion is people and life! So her goal is to spend her professional life thinking about people and how they interact with the World.

      • Joana Martins

        Joana Martins

        PT Business Developer

        Born and raised in Alentejo with a soft spot for naps. Always ready to have a chat or sing along to random songs. On a mission to become fit, while eating yogurt with nutella. "The best singer at Landing" - no one, ever.

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      • Luz Gonçalves

        Luz Gonçalves

        Acquisition Specialist

        Imagine...a proud tripeira lands on your team, well... she did! Luz aka Light of Marketing team is always ready to work hard and grab a "fino" after! Summer Lover, Music Festival chaser, Discount hunter and a Proud Mother of 2 puppies, Luz is not that regular of a girl, trust us!

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      • Magda Resende

        Magda Resende

        Junior Developer

        A wee girl with a passion for programming. She's also a fan of Japanese culture and video games.

        • Marta Silva

          Marta Silva

          Community Specialist

          Foodie with a slight chocolate addiction that is never too full to have dessert. Passionate about Social Media, has more photo editing apps on her phone than contacts. You can always find her in the nearest restaurant or planning her next trip to the detail!

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        • Miguel Tavares

          Miguel Tavares


          Portuguese Brazilian (with a dash of Dutch) who loves to solve problems by shuffling ones and zeroes around. In his free time you might find him watching a black and white movie, reading a paperback novel or jogging in the park.

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        • Pedro Rodrigues

          Pedro Rodrigues

          Senior Developer

          Gets code (1) done (2) well and (3) fast. He keeps our platform running.

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        • Pedro Saraiva

          Pedro Saraiva

          Events Specialist

          Sports, Tech, Music, Travel, if he's not messing with one of these topics, he's probably sleeping. Discovered his passion for event management at college. Beirão.

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        • Rafael Almeida

          Rafael Almeida

          Product Owner

          Hey, my name’s Rafa, a proud Egitaniense. You know, as the guy from Sport Lisboa e Benfica, I consider myself an avid problem-solver, because one of my golden rules is that when you’re attacking you don’t get as tired as when you’re chasing.

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        • Rui Martins

          Rui Martins


          Considered in 2017 as the 156th sexiest Portuguese computer engineer by "Nova Gente" magazine, Rui is the aggregation of everything that is right and wrong with the new generation of developers. Allergic to bacon.

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