Why should a non-programmer learn Python?

Learning new skills throughout your career is no longer a fancy exotic option but rather a necessary step to keep up with the new technologies and the tech revolution.

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March 10, 2021

Software Development is everywhere. Whether you like it or not, your life is influenced by it in every way. As we move towards a world run by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), companies need to reinvent their systems to stay competitive. Not only are they looking for more and more programmers to develop these systems but they are also in need of other professionals who can understand and use them effectively.

In a world that is changing at a faster pace than ever before, people also need to adapt and engage in lifelong learning. Learning new skills throughout your career is no longer a fancy exotic option but rather a necessary step to keep up with the new technologies and the tech revolution.

Whether you are in HR or marketing, business or research, you have definitely performed some kind of data analysis. If you used third-party software, how cool would it be to understand what was going on with your data behind the scenes? If you did it “by hand”, how awesome would it be to have the analysis and consequent visualization automated?

Python is a programming language that is free and easy to learn but also super powerful. It can be used to create web applications, games or to control robots. It can also be used to pull large amounts of data from websites, extract relevant information and display it in a useful way. More complex applications include AI and Machine Learning which are the root of many of today’s smart systems.

One of the great things about Python is that its syntax resembles plain English, so as long as you understand the logic, it is almost as if you are talking to the machine. The applications of Python are endless, but today we will go through 5 reasons why a non-programmer should learn Python.

Automate repetitive tasks in your daily life

With the right libraries and with a little bit of work, you can automate almost any task. You just need to get Python on your computer, as well as the necessary libraries for a given problem. Currently, there are over 130 thousand libraries to choose from, so a tricky part of the process can be to figure out which libraries to use in each situation. On the other hand, there are libraries for almost any situation.

From sending emails to searching the web for a particular topic (which you probably do every day), there are hundreds of boring tasks that you can get your computer to automatically perform for you, even without extensive programming knowledge. Once you master application programming interfaces (APIs), you will have a whole new world of possibilities open up for you.

Imagine if you’re a football fan and you want to have a dashboard that is updated every day with the statistics and news about your favourite teams and players. Going through a bunch of websites can take you a long time every day, so you may want to create a simple scraper to scan the web and pull the relevant information to a single page, where you can view all the football information you are interested in!

Communicate effectively with developers

Even if you are not planning to write a lot of code yourself, learning the basics of Python can help you better understand what it takes to create a functional app. Knowing some basic concepts and the logic behind code will make it much much easier to have productive conversations with programmers. And nowadays, developers are not only the weird and annoying IT guy in the office, they are teams of professionals creating the core products and designing the key processes of most companies.

If you are in a managerial position or have to work closely with technology, you will likely have to communicate with developers every day. Even if you don’t, the day will come when understanding a bit of the code behind a certain system will make the difference in your communication with peers or clients.

Python is for sure one of the easiest programming languages to learn and one with a huge community of developers that can help you grow. If your goal is just to try for yourself what programming is all about, it is for sure a great option to get started.

Understand Data Science a bit better

Data Science… Big Data… Big Brother. Did it ever happen that just when you were thinking about the fact that you need some new sneakers, a shoe brand ad appeared in your Instagram feed? Or just when you were thinking about the holidays, an airline sent you an email with an offer you can’t refuse? This is made possible due to a detailed analysis of huge amounts of data collected about you and everyone else.

Data Science is much more than this and its applications are literally in every possible field. By analysing big data sets, the decision-making process of politicians or business leaders can be improved, marketing efforts can be much more targeted to the desired customer and machines can better communicate with humans.

Increasing your awareness of how data is processed and used by companies will help you not only ensure that you make the most of these technologies yourself but also protect your personal data in a smarter way, so learning Python is definitely a smart decision!

Start exploring Machine Learning and AI

Using large sets of data to train a computer to perform a task is a simple explanation of what Machine Learning is. The applications of machine learning can range from an automated chatbot that helps you support your clients better to dementia detection through brain scans. These systems are being used in all fields and it’s important that you understand their basics. Either you are a marketing specialist or a doctor.

Still, this is just a small part of what AI encompasses, and Python is typically used in other applications as well. Knowing the basics of this programming language will allow you to explore some simple applications of neural networks and natural language processing.

You will definitely be fascinated by the mind-blowing advancements taking place in the field and the new technologies shaping the society of tomorrow. Maybe this exploration will lead to finding a new passion and a new career!

Explore the programming world for a possible career shift

Do you want to learn Python and start working in tech right away? Well, it is possible, but you will soon realize that unless you are planning to work in Data Science, Python by itself won’t serve you well. Nevertheless, learning Python will allow you to understand what programming is all about and make it waaaay easier to learn other languages.

You already know that there are more than enough jobs for developers, so in case you are considering a career move to technology but you are still not 100% confident that it is for you, taking an introductory course on Python may be exactly what you need. You get the chance to learn the basics of programming, meet other developers and tech enthusiasts, and add a valuable skill to your skillset!

In addition to that, you will be entering a new and vibrant community with a lot of people that also decided to reskill and change their lives. Jobs are not for life anymore. Shifting career paths is part of the new normal and it’s better to change when you want than when circumstances force you to do it!

In order to give this opportunity to everyone, Thorly is organising a 12-week course which only requires you to invest 3h per week (after-working hours) and gives you access to:

  • Quality course tested for over 4 years in a university context;
  • Live online classes (that are recorded in case you want to assist async);
  • Hands-on and mentoring sessions;
  • Python Certificate.

The course starts on March 22nd and we’re offering you the chance to apply to one of the full scholarships Future.Works is sponsoring! Just fill in the application until next Wednesday, March 17th, here.

In case you are not selected for a scholarship, you can still register until March 19th through this link.

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