Landing.Porto – when transparency and honest feedback matters was born in Lisbon but we’ve opened an office in Porto last year at UPTEC and we’re proud to have joined a city that hosts several high-tech businesses like Veniam, Celfinet or Jscrambler.

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June 18, 2018

On June 6th, the team did a road-trip to Porto to achieve two very important goals. First, eat a proper francesinha and drink a fino followed by a free Fatboy Slim live show at Av. dos Aliados! And, second and most importantly, to setup first ever event in the Porto region the very next day — June 7th: Landing.Porto. was born in Lisbon but we’ve opened an office in Porto last year at UPTEC and we’re proud to have joined a city that hosts several high-tech businesses like Veniam, Celfinet or Jscrambler. This was a long overdue community moment and I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later!

On a more serious note, Porto has indeed been establishing itself as a powerful tech and innovation hub within the European tech scene. We know Web Summit draws all the attention to Lisbon around November but in fact Porto has been very active when it comes to building a strong tech community, take for instance Founders Founders, ScaleUp Porto and TNDS. Impressive!

For these reasons, has to be part of this movement! Actually, much more than that, we’ve got to help push it forward and discover new frontiers, with our local partners support. That’s why we decided not only to provide a community platform for the local leading tech companies to showcase themselves BUT also to receive honest and frontal feedback from a hand-picked tech savvy “jury” — our community of tech professionals.

Knowing that one of our team’s core values is to aim for more and to do it in a transparent and honest manner, I like to believe that one of the reasons why our community likes to gather around’ events is because they trust us to be faithful to these values.

That’s also why we’ve recently launched Candidate Search — a tool that allows companies looking to proactively hire to apply to talent in a efficient and transparent manner (LinkedIn who?). Talent remains anonymous until they accept companies contact request 🙂 Read more about it here.

MC Ana Gaspar welcoming everyone to Landing.Porto

It was a risky move though! On one hand we didn’t want to expose our customers to the “public scrutiny” (they’re the ones paying our bills after all!). On the other hand we had the opportunity to explore a free & open feedback channel! Can you image its potential?!

Seven brave companies jumped onboard, literally! And, to make things even better, we had a massive turnout despite a cloudy and rainy day. Here’s the proof, the rabelo boat captain “clicked” 178 times, meaning there were roughly 200 people onboard if you sum up our own team and the rest of the boat crew!

We were a bit overbooked, we need a bigger rabelo boat next time!

When pitches weren’t taking place and people weren’t jotting down some feedback, there was space to grab a bite or a drink — or go outside and enjoy the Douro lovely sightseeing. Also, miraculously… St. Peter decided to give us a hand and rain literally stopped at 6pm, the boat departed roughly at 7pm!

Some folks took giving feedback to extreme levels!

I have to hand it over to the seven brave speakers who transparently showcased their companies to our community — some pitches were more tech and architecture driven, some others showed their latest products, others opted to go deep into culture, there was also a company that just set up an tech team in Porto and explained why they chose the city and, last but not least, there was even a freestyle-no-slides hardcore pitch! We were lucky to have such a diverse group.

Phillip from Hostelworld went acapella with no support slides

Thank you Mindera, Talkdesk, Farfetch, Hostelworld, Natixis, Xing and Applied Blockchain. You rocked the boat! And it was a night to remember, here’s how… Check the event pictures here and find below the aftermovie:

We’ve been collecting feedback from both attendees and sponsors and, based on what we learn, we’re going to create more and better contents for the Porto community! If you’d like to get exclusive access to such events make sure you’re registered on

Thank you, Porto. We’ll be back!

See you at Landing Festival?

Pedro Oliveira

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