Landing.Jobs acquires company Lisbon Tech Guide

Landing.Jobs and Lisbon Tech Guide become one to grow business and help companies looking to create tech hubs and distributed tech teams.

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January 9, 2023

It’s a match made in heaven – Landing.Jobs and Lisbon Tech Guide are now officially moving in together.

We are thrilled to announce that we have made our first acquisition in our nearly 10-year history: we acquired Lisbon Tech Guide, a company focused on helping foreign companies create tech hubs and distributed tech teams in Portugal.

This acquisition arrives at a time when much of the HRs and C-levels are focusing on efficiently solving local tech talent scarcity and international competition.

We met the Lisbon Tech Guide team in the third quarter of 2022, and quickly realised there were great business synergies to explore. 

We have positioned ourselves as enablers of the globalisation of tech work, helping companies meet their tech talent needs globally and tech professionals evolve their careers in a market where remote work cross-borders and relocation are now commonplace. 

Lisbon Tech Guide’s experience in helping companies create distributed tech teams in Portugal, focused on cross-border salary payments, visa and relocation support, was an instant fit for our mission. 

The acquisition of Lisbon Tech Guide allows Landing.Jobs to increase our competitiveness, differentiation and business in the international market. With Portugal currently being a top destination for companies looking to create distributed tech teams, Lisbon Tech Guide’s know-how will reinforce our value proposition in this market segment, leveraging our sustained growth.” — José Paiva, CEO at Landing.Jobs

This operation fits into our goal of helping international companies create tech hubs and distributed tech teams to expand their IT capacity, providing a one-stop-shop service for tech recruitment, employer branding, employer of record, recruitment process outsourcing, visa and relocation support globally. On the talent side, our ability to help tech professionals manage their careers by working remotely cross-borders or relocating to another country will be strongly enhanced.

This step will allow us to increase our competitiveness, differentiation and business in the international market. We are beyond excited to have Lisbon Tech Guide’s know-how reinforcing our value proposition and leveraging our sustained growth.

It will also contribute to our goal of growing our business organically or through acquisitions by more than 50% per year, as was the case in the last three years.

The Lisbon Tech Guide team will be integrated into Landing.Jobs, and the former CEO of Lisbon Tech Guide, Sebastião Queiroz e Mello will join Landing.Jobs’ Board of Directors, ensuring total business continuity and increasing the ability to strengthen the value proposition to clients and reinforce market leadership. 

Landing.Jobs has championed the creation of Portugal Tech Hub, an alliance of private and public Portuguese entities focused on promoting Portugal as a top global tech hub. The acquisition of Lisbon Tech Guide is a natural move to strengthen even further our positioning as the obvious partner for international companies considering Portugal as a destination to create a tech hub.” — Pedro Moura, CMO at Landing.Jobs

It’s clear that we were meant to be together, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Here’s to more growth in 2023 and beyond!

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