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A new market report, it's causes and goals. We invite you to share your perspective in our 'Global Tech Hiring Trends' survey, helping shape a more integrated and global approach to IT hiring.

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December 11, 2023

TL:DR: Tech Hiring is getting more global and integrated, and undergoing a lot of changes. Landing.Jobs is conducting a survey (download here) to produce a global report on this topic.

📌 IT Hiring in Europe and North America is having a strange time

Regarding IT Recruitment (permanent employees), it’s predominantly ‘paused’ (or ‘frozen’), not only due to the current uncertain economic climate but also to the progressive scarcity/high salaries of local IT Professionals (choose whichever applies better to your case). 

However, a growing number of companies are recruiting IT professionals or creating entire Tech Teams/Hubs in other countries to work remotely across-borders, looking for talent availability and more affordable costs. Countries like Portugal, Brazil, Romania and many others are targets for this practice from the side of companies in the UK, US, Germany, Netherlands or Switzerland.

Another trend in IT Hiring is the ‘comeback’ of IT Staffing/Outsourcing. During the 2010’s there has been a tendency for ‘internalisation’ of workers as employees, reducing the usage of ‘external’. But the ‘old’ reasons to use External/Contingent IT Workers (team flexibility, fast scaling, temporary needs, etc.) are back, together with some relatively new, like accessing international IT Talent pools, increasing diversity and even reducing costs. 

Most of these new reasons relate (of course) with the #GlobalizationOfTechWork, with companies using not only local IT Staffing Providers (also suffering from talent shortage and high salaries), but also IT Staffing Providers in other countries to have
External/Contingent IT Professionals working remotely across-borders, individually or as teams. In this equation one needs also to fit the Independent Contractors, a status a growing number of IT Professionals is preferring to have.

To make it more weirder (and interesting) a small but progressively growing number of companies are adopting a IT Hiring approach that does not differentiate between Permanent workers (internals) and Temporary/Contingent workers (External and Independent Contractors), instead dealing with all these types of work relationships in an integrated way. 

There are a lot of great reasons for this, from reducing the Hiring complexity and costs inside the organisation, having a more integrated perspective on IT Workers management allowing for planning, productivity and costs optimisation, improving the motivation of the workforce and reinforcing internal culture amongst the whole IT workforce, etc.

Combining all written above we believe there are two clear trends for IT Hiring in Europe and North America: becoming more Global and Integrated.

Even though I believe in these trends, intellectual honesty requires us to keep our ‘beliefs’ in guard. That’s the reason we’re launching a survey about ‘Global Tech Hiring Trends’: having more solid quantitative data to improve the overall level of knowledge in the whole market on this topic. For this we’re calling for the participation of all companies who have IT Professionals in their ranks (about 99%) in filling the survey with their perspectives on this topic.

This survey will run until the end of January 2024, resulting in the Global Tech Hiring Trends 2024 Report being released until the end of Q1’2024.

It’s Landing.Jobs experience that this type of document is extremely useful. For an example, please check our Global Tech Talent Trends, the report we build based on the answer of IT Talent every year.

Grab your report here to increase your market knowledge as well as help you build your local and global hiring strategy.

Let’s increase our knowledge on Tech Hiring, together!


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