Global Tech Talent Trends

The largest annual community-based tech talent study that sheds light on the current state of tech careers globally. The result are several reports that are key tools to help tech professionals make more informed career decisions and companies see where they stand.


We are currently collecting data for the 2023 edition. Let’s empower the tech community together!

The largest community-based tech talent study

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Remote, global, driven

The world has changed drastically in the last two years. Remote work went from nice-to-have to almost mandatory. Hiring and working across borders or relocating to another country are no longer exceptions but proven trends. The scarcity of tech talent worldwide is now bigger than ever, with huge impacts on both local and global tech market contexts.

The Global Tech Talent Trends provides insights that not only allow tech professionals to make more informed career decisions under a global perspective but also help companies to better understand the new nature of the global tech market and how they should position themselves to hire and retain the talent they so desperately need.

At Landing.Jobs, we believe in the inevitable globalisation of the tech talent market. The Global Tech Talent Trends was built by the tech community for the tech community.

Revisit the reports from 2022:

#01 – The globalisation of tech work

Global report with info on salary, remote work, relocation, career drivers, perks, languages, frameworks, and more.

#02 – What has changed in the Portuguese tech market

Portugal-focused report with info on salary, remote work, relocation, career drivers, perks, languages, frameworks, and more.

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#03 – Everything you need to know about tech salaries around the world

Global report about salary according to demography, job role, professional experience, programming language, and more.

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#04 – The new paradigm of remote & global tech work

Global report about the current migratory trends in tech when it comes to cross-border remote work and relocation.

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#05 – The state of programming languages and frameworks

Global report about the state of programming languages and frameworks, including salary, job roles, gender and years of experience.

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#06 – Career Management: drivers, salaries and paths
Global report about career management, including drivers, salaries, job roles, years of experience, gender and paths.

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Why are you doing this study?

The Global Tech Talent Trends is a study launched by Landing.Jobs for the first time in 2022. It’s of free distribution and intends to help all tech professionals gather the information they need to make better and more informed career decisions.

What is Landing.Jobs?

Landing.Jobs‘ mission is to reshape the future of work. We aim to improve the journey of tech professionals—from landing a job, learning and getting paid, to deciding where to go and when to begin. We’re talent-centric career enablers, providing empowering opportunities for our tech talent community while unlocking bureaucracies and networking.

Who are these reports for?

The Global Tech Talent Trends is for everyone interested in learning more about the tech careers industry. Our primary focus is to help tech professionals access the best and most updated market insights that will steer their careers in the right direction. However, companies, employers and tech recruiters also highly benefit from the information we provide in the report. It helps them see where they stand in the industry and take a deeper look at internal practices.

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