Don’t wait for Santa to gift you a new tech career

Turns out you have to actually take matters into your own hands to be happy.

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November 18, 2021

Monday blues: a Monday that is depressing or trying especially because of the return to work and routine after a weekend.

In 2019, a study conducted with 12k people in the UK found that more than half wanted to find a new job. They also found that two thirds dreaded returning to work after a weekend break. In the US, only a little less than 50% of workers felt they were in good jobs that year. Although this data isn’t recent, it says a lot.

While last year the world hunkered down for a crisis, this year businesses are facing a new one: resignations. Study after study show that the resignation rate is rising. A record 4 million people in the US quit their jobs in April alone, according to the Labor Department. People are acting on behalf of their health, happiness and ambitions.

But why were (are!) workers unhappy in the first place?
  • Low salary,
  • lack of recognition,
  • having no time for a personal life,
  • no trust in their leaders, and
  • not making a meaningful impact.

Wait. Are you unhappy?

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As the world changes, so do careers, workplaces and you. Is the sacrifice of logging on Slack familiar? Dreading Sunday nights because you’re already having anxiety over the next morning? Do you constantly b*tch about your job to your friends? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then I have to break it down to you: you need a new job.

And let’s stop procrastinating. It’s fine to delay washing the dishes, but let’s not delay what really matters: your wellbeing.

Don’t wait for Santa to gift you a new career. 🎅

Don’t wait for New Year’s to act on your career resolutions. 🎆

& Don’t wait for birthday wishes either. 🎂

Why wait when you can take action now? Start scoping the tech market. Scroll through some pages of vacancies and read a few job descriptions. Start clicking on a couple of “Apply” buttons. Show up to those technical interviews. Next thing you know, you have a new proposal in front of you.

If you’re putting time into watching cat videos on Youtube, why not spend some time on something even more important (debatable): your tech career?

If you want to start t̶o̶d̶a̶y̶ now, click here. 🚀

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