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Visma Tech Portugal isn't just a progression in your career, it's where your sense of belonging truly begins. Here's why!

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November 30, 2023

In today’s constantly changing world, it’s important for companies to be flexible and adaptable in order to stay ahead of the curve. Visma stands out not just for its products but also for its revolutionary approach to work culture. With a diverse range of services catering to small and large businesses, and the public sector, Visma’s impact extends far beyond its immediate customers, improving the work lives of millions around the world.

But Visma isn’t just about providing services, unique in its structure, Visma operates as a collective of entrepreneurial companies, each infused with its own distinct startup mentality and leadership style, driving growth and innovation within a larger organisation. 

The History of Visma Tech Portugal

Visma was actually founded in Norway, way back in 1996 with just over 300 employees. By consistently maintaining commitment to sourcing unique talent and forward-thinking businesses, Visma has emerged as one of the foremost software corporations in Europe.

This growth is characterised by a constant influx of new companies, each bringing fresh perspectives and expertise.

Visma Tech Portugal is part of Visma’s strategic investment in innovation and aims to grow a large team of developers, focusing on creating innovative cloud software within accounting, invoicing, procurement, HRM, payroll and administration for the private and public sectors.

Leading the charge in providing mission-critical business software for a more efficient and resilient society, Visma simplifies and automates the work of companies and organisations of all sizes. This effort enhances the everyday lives of people. 

The Visma Tech Portugal: a work culture like no other

At Visma, you will get a feeling of mixed worlds, being part of the global SaaS network, working with strong software products fusing with the local set-up. Here you will find plenty of opportunities and flexibility to grow and shine brighter while experiencing meaningful work at any moment of your career.

Discover more about Visma Tech Portugal’s work culture directly from one of the most connected persons to the team and  candidates – Jéssica Oliveira, Talent Acquisition Specialist:

Meaningful work and community impact
Can you share examples of projects or initiatives that reflect meaningful work that people get to do every day here?

There are plenty of ways of experiencing meaningful daily work within Visma, but I would like to highlight two of them here:

  • Working with strong products that will be used, and create value for businesses and societies at large. As an interesting fact, there are about 500,000 companies depending on us to deliver their financial systems and over 10 million people get their payslips monthly from Visma.
  • People love to work with people here for a greater purpose, and we support each other irrespective of the location, competencies, or product we are working with. We are a local team of 40 people now in Porto but always connected to the larger Visma tech community – 6500+ tech people from other Visma corners. Here you can always find someone who knows more than you (to learn from), and you can always find someone who shares your passion for something.

Fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing
How does the company encourage innovation and knowledge-sharing among its employees?

We celebrate individuals for who they are — their aspirations, motivations, and dreams. This happens because we have an open space for communication and sharing. Our focus is on nurturing the exchange of ideas, ensuring each person has the platform to contribute their creative insights within the team and the broader company.

People here not only feel heard but also empowered to drive change, share their thoughts, and embrace the freedom to make mistakes. Through this approach, every team member becomes a valuable contributor, fostering personal and collective growth while elevating overall work efficiency. This ensures active participation, making sure everyone is an integral part of the ongoing conversation.

Reflecting on my professional journey, I’ve come to understand that sharing of ideas not only contributes to continuous learning, but also enhances work processes, minimises errors, encourages diverse problem-solving approaches, and inspires innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. 

Flexibility and autonomy in work
How does the company support flexibility and autonomy in work arrangements?

Visma focuses on creating an environment of flexibility and autonomy, where people make decisions about their work according to their lifestyle and career aspirations. We take ownership and accountability when it comes to our professional career goals while getting the support we need from the management to organise/execute tasks in a way that suits our working styles. We want people to do what they love at their own personal pace, having time for their families, hobbies, and studies and still be connected with the team, meeting them once per week in the office.

Building a positive workplace culture
What are some of the initiatives or activities that contribute to a positive and enjoyable workplace culture? Share specific examples of events that employees look forward to.

At Visma Tech Portugal we have activities such as surfing, padel tennis, boat days, yoga classes, and more and they help bond the relationships between people. These memories help us get to know each other and discover the fantastic people we have here. We also founded a Happiness Committee formed by some of our colleagues dedicated to creating tailored internal events for everyone, based on the feedback we receive from employees.

Our next initiative in this sense is celebrating the Christmas season, merging joy with purpose. This year we will have a festive team get-together, and in the spirit of generosity, we have partnered with a local charity to host a special event that focuses on creating magical moments for children in need.

Recruitment Insights and Cultural Fit
Jessica, this year you successfully recruited a great number of new colleagues for VTP. What is your superpower during the recruitment process? Any tips for hiring managers? How do you assess a candidate’s cultural fit?

My superpower is to care about people, to never give up on them even if they have had negative feedback, and to treat them like human beings. These are simple things but they make all the difference.

My tips would be to always approach candidates with a friendly, empathetic, and respectful attitude. Another tip would be not to think about the numbers we have to do every month but about the people. Be impartial, admit when we make mistakes and where we can improve, always give the benefit of the doubt, and approach the interview as a natural conversation.

For me, soft skills are much more important than experience because you can acquire experience, while soft skills are something more difficult to work on.

In terms of culture, I know Visma’s values and the culture that Visma promotes. When we understand this, it is much easier to see if there is a match between both the company and the candidate.

In conclusion, Visma Tech Portugal is a place that values both individual contributions and team collaboration and our strong work culture is not just a perk for employees; it’s a strategic asset that fuels innovation, creativity, and the overall success of our tech centre in the rapidly changing global landscape.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Visma, check out our website. 


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