The future of onboarding & how digital is transforming the hiring process

AI has the potential to speed up recruitment and onboarding tasks that would normally be handled manually, among an array of other benefits.

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May 16, 2023

One of the most important parts of any business is hiring and onboarding. This is how you bring on new talent, turn them into superstars within your organization and ensure they know how things are done.

However, the hiring and onboarding processes have changed dramatically in recent years, and companies of all shapes and sizes need to keep up. In particular, the fact that businesses are going digital at every turn has meant major changes in this area.

With that in mind, this article is going to go over how digital is transforming the hiring process as we know it, and what the future holds.

The greater use of AI and automation

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One of the major ways that digital tools and technologies are transforming both hiring and onboarding is by increasing the use of AI and automation. Automation has the potential to speed up a variety of recruitment tasks that would normally be handled manually and can save your company money at the same time.

There are tools like a resume scan to identify target keywords within resumes, tools to help you automate pre-screening, and tools that can do so much more to make the hiring process more efficient. This also frees up time for your employees to focus on more detailed or pressing matters, as mundane or repetitive tasks can often be taken off of their plates.

Helping to eliminate biases

A major problem that has existed within hiring for a very long time is bias. Humans are often biased by nature, and these can cloud their judgment and lead them to make wrong decisions. There are biases based on gender, race, background, and various other factors.

In addition to these biases, there are many unconscious biases that can also rear their heads during hiring. Even if someone is trying their hardest to be 100% fair, there is a chance that some of these biases could be present.

Digital onboarding and hiring solutions help to eliminate or lessen these biases as they will focus on objective data and information about candidates. They will hire based purely on merit and the specific requirements of the job, not who a person is, where they come from, or how they look. This ensures you end up with the right fit, and don’t have to worry about certain biases getting in the way.

Streamlines and simplifies the entire process

There is no doubting the importance of onboarding and hiring, but many businesses do it in a way that is less than efficient. They spend a ton of time doing everything from screening, to performing background checks, to checking education, to getting new hires up to speed on software or platforms.

This is all quite important, but traditionally took a lot of time and effort, and things could easily get missed. Digital technologies of all kinds can help speed up all of these tasks, and help provide a seamless experience for both HR professionals, and the people who they interview, hire, and onboard.

Also, technology aids in improving communication efforts, to ensure that HR and new hires alike can avoid miscommunication and ensure their messaging gets across successfully.

We hope that this guide has been able to show you how digital is transforming the hiring process, and what to expect from the future of onboarding.

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