Fostering belonging: Wellhub’s commitment to diversity

Wellhub isn't just a company that provides diversity, equity and belonging, but also an attractive tech employer. Here's why!

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May 20, 2024

From Gympass to Wellhub: A New Era in Employee Wellness

Wellhub, a corporate wellness platform, connects employees to top partners in fitness, mindfulness, therapy, nutrition, and sleep—all in one affordable subscription. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in NYC, Wellhub has a global team of 1900 employees across 11 countries, emphasizing inclusion at Wellhub as a core value.

Formerly known as Gympass, the company rebranded to Wellhub, reflecting its evolution into a comprehensive employee wellbeing solution.

“This shift ensures that the comprehensive needs of today’s workforce are met,” said Cesar Carvalho, co-founder and CEO of Wellhub.

Commitment to Inclusion at Wellhub 

To fulfill its mission, it is essential to ensure every team member feels welcomed, valued, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. In 2021, Wellhub launched a 5-year plan to embed diversity, equity, and belonging into its processes and culture. A Global Belonging Advisory Board oversees key initiatives and ensures accountability. 

Building Community: Affinity Groups and Internal Events

Wellhub hosts 14 employee-led affinity groups, providing spaces for shared identities and allyship. Groups include Women@Wellhub, Black Empowerment Movement (BEM), WellPride, Asians at Wellhub (AGW), and Juntos (Hispanic/Latinx).

 Initiatives for inclusion at Wellhub celebrate various cultures, identities, and experiences. Monthly events are organized in collaboration with Affinity Groups, guided by a comprehensive calendar of international and national diversity-related dates. Here are some highlights from recent events:

  • Women’s Month: events on women’s journeys in fitness and health tech.
  • Black History Month: African American culinary traditions and discussions on books by Black female authors.
  • Black Awareness Day: Discussions on Afrofuturism and Black professionals’ futures.
  • Origami Day & Latin Asian Heritage: Celebrations of Asian and Latin cultures.
  • Juneteenth: Educational events on its history and significance.
  • Pride Month: Stories and advocacy from LGBTQ+ members.
  • Anti-racism and Allyship Training: Workshops on workplace racism and allyship.
Inclusive Hiring: Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

Wellhub’s Talent Acquisition team focuses on diversity from the first interaction with candidates. Using neutral language in job descriptions and encouraging applications from those who don’t meet 100% of the criteria, Wellhub aims to increase diversity. Standardized questions and scorecards in interviews ensure objective assessments, while diverse interview panels promote varied perspectives.

In tech hiring, Wellhub uses committees of all interviewers who met the candidate to share their perspectives. Reviewers check for bias, ensuring evaluations are based on relevant competencies.

To further foster inclusion at Wellhub understands the importance of candidate assets in providing valuable insights into life at the company. Informative materials highlight the belonging culture and diversity efforts. On social media, Wellhub showcases members from various countries, backgrounds, departments, and affinity groups. By sharing these stories, Wellhub aims to inspire others and demonstrate its commitment to an inclusive workplace.

Voices from Wellhub: Check what their employees are saying! 

“Whether we’re making decisions, designing products, or crafting communication documents, we ensure a diverse group of perspectives is always involved. We think inclusively —from considering the needs of left-handed users to ensuring accessibility for those who are colorblind. We aim to foster innovation but also ensure our solutions are truly comprehensive and effective.” said Mafalda Moura from the Product team.


“I love being part of the diversity committee at Wellhub because we are making an impact to improve the workplace for future generations. Today, life would not be as fulfilling without the groups that constantly fought for acceptance in a world where everyone should feel adequate,” said Rodolfo Oviedo from Client Sales.


“I feel very fortunate to work at a company like Wellhub. Since day one, there has been a sense of belonging in what I do, with my team and the company overall. I am able to comfortably show up as myself (a Black woman, a mother, and so many other identities I carry) on a daily basis and would not trade that for anything,” said Jazmine Raveneau from Wellbeing Engagement.


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