Forget the job search, start handshaking

For that purpose we have designed yet another feature that aims to bridge the gap between you and the companies — Handshake Requests!

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October 25, 2018

At we have a specific mission driving our experience team: making sure you land the right job in the most efficient and effortless way. For that purpose we have designed yet another feature that aims to bridge the gap between you and the companies — Handshake Requests!

What are Handshakes?

In a nutshell, Handshakes are spam-free contact requests made by companies to users on our platform whom they believe have some kind of potential in making part of their teams and business growth.

How does it work?

Companies are able to search through our database, having access to anonymous profiles and basic info from our users. If they find a profile which sparks their interest, they can ask for a Handshake. But don’t worry, we care about your privacy, you have the power of accepting or rejecting those requests. Only after you’ve accepted it, does the company have access to your complete profile for further evaluation.

Handshake Request

Applying made simple

Because every company is different, and therefore has particular needs, there are two types of Handshake requests a company can send you.

A company can either send a request simply because they’re curious about your profile and would like to know you better 😉, or they can decide to link the Handshake to a specific Job Opening they have published at This means that, by accepting the Handshake, an application will be automatically created for that position in your behalf. To put it simply — you’ll be entering the recruitment process for the position without all the fuss. Yes, it’s that easy! Your Handshake application will land directly on the company’s pipeline ready to enter the process.

Different types of Handshake Requests

A two-sided process

Because we firmly believe the application process should be a dynamic and a two-sided process, after accepting the Handshakes you’ll be able to message the company and directly engage with them. Grab this opportunity to ask them all the questions going through your mind, after all, if they’ve sent you a Handshake is because they’re open to it!

Accepted Handshake Request

Mistakes happen, solutions do too

If you accidentally reject a Handshake, don’t worry, you can still go to your “Rejected” tab and decide to reconsider and accept the request. We’re aware we’re all humans and make mistakes, this doesn’t mean you should lose the chance of landing your dream job!

The same happens for Handshakes you’ve unintentionally accepted. By going to the “Accepted” tab you’re able to reverse that decision by hitting the “revoke” button.

Connecting people

We’d like you to perceive our new Handshakes feature as a way to balance the recruitment process. By facilitating the communications from candidates to companies, we’re empowering you and bringing companies to where you can reach them. If we think about it, aren’t applications simply a tool to create a connection?

If you’re curious about learning more about why our Team decided to create Handshakes, go ahead and check out our blog post: Democratising the Application Process.

Our product team at welcomes any suggestions or comments, just send us an e-mail to [email protected] or join us on our slack community.

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