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Europe needs Tech Talent like you

There’s a huge need for Tech Professionals in Europe. The ‘Remote2Hire’ program facilitates the process of matching Tech Talents across the world with the best European companies, based on a mix of remote work and relocation to Europe.

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How to be part of Remote2Hire?

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Fill out the information requested on your profile. This is the best way to understand you as a professional and match you with the right job opportunities

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After completing the steps, you are ready to be connected with job opportunities. You can apply directly on our job board and can be invited for a position too.

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Landing.Jobs’ mission is to help Tech Professionals gain control of their careers and make the most of it. Using market knowledge, personalized feedback and advice to find the jobs and companies that best suit each person’s skills, personality and ambitions, Landing.Jobs has already helped over 3000 people in the tech market.

We make it easy for you to pursue your goals and land a job internationally – minus the hassle involved. We’ll take care of your visa to make your transition smoother, so you can start your success quicker!