Want to land your dream job and move to Europe?

European companies are looking for great tech talent like you.

Europe needs Tech Talent

There’s a huge need for Tech Professionals in Europe. But hiring someone from outside Europe is felt like a risk by most companies. Covid-19 increased this Problem. A lot of Tech Professionals want to come and work in Europe, but again, times are difficult for this. That’s why Landing.Jobs created the ‘Remote2Hire’ program, focused on a mixture of matching you with the best European companies, based on a mix of remote work and relocation to Europe.

How does Remote2Hire works

First Remote, then Europe

Remote2Hire program gives both companies and tech professionals a unique opportunity to connect and fulfill their needs and aspirations.

Application Process


You apply to Remote2Hire and state your data and preferences.


You apply to Remote2Hire and state your data and preferences.

Ready to Remote-Hire

After the last step, you’re fully qualified for this program.

Selection  Process

Job Application

You’ll receive selected jobs ads or search for them in our platform and apply.

Hiring Process

You and companies will know each other better to make a hiring decision.

Hiring Decision

Companies will make job offers for you to accept or refuse.

Work Process

1st phase

You’ll work full remote for the company from where you currently live for 3 to 6 months.

2nd phase

If you and the company decide to keep working together, VISA and relocation will be prepared while you keep working.

3rd phase

You come to Europe, everything is taken care of, to work for the company.

Here are some of the companies we work at

Transparent and fair Hiring

Based on data, not impressions

Landing.Jobs mission is to provide the best match between Tech Professionals and employers. To be able to do this it’s indispensable to have bias-free data to set up an equitable and fair hiring process from the start, improving transparency, diversity and inclusion. That’s why we ask you to perform some assessments to be eligible for the Remote2Hire program.

Cognitive and Personality Assessment

Our Cognitive Assessment measures your logic, problem-solving, verbal reasoning, attention to detail, and adaptability skills. The Personality Assessment uses the industry standard 16 Personality Factors to identify your personality traits and behavior. We strongly believe a good tech professional is much more than just programming skills.

Technical Assessment

For technical assessments we use Hackerank, the market-leading technical assessment and remote interview solution for hiring developers. You’ll be able to show your skills in any of the technologies in focus in the Remote2Hire Program: Javascript, Java, Devops and Mobile Development (minimum one of them). If an assessment does not go as well a you wanted, you can always practice and repeat.

You’re our mission

Connecting you with the

right tech companies.

Landing.Jobs’ mission is to help Tech Professionals gain control of their careers and make the most of it. Using market knowledge, personalized feedback and advice to find the jobs and companies that best suit each person’s skills, personality and ambitions, Landing.Jobs has already helped over 3000 people in the tech market.

We make it easy for you to pursue your goals and land a job internationally – minus the hassle involved. We’ll take care of your visa to make your transition smoother, so you can start your success quicker!