We are a young social impact organization with one simple mission:

Connect citizens and politicians by bringing civic engagement to the 21st century.

We strongly believe that in 10 years time citizens will engage with local and central government in different ways. In a world where everyone is highly connected, it does not make sense that citizens are only called to action every 4 years. Citizens must be able to provide decision-makers with their input in a seamless way. We believe in more integrated societies, where public governance will be carried out based on social listening. This is a win-win situation, since decision-makers can make better informed, potentially more popular, decisions, while citizens won't feel left out. AMEN!

We are creating 2 tools to fulfil our mission: 1) MyPolis - a mobile and web app for political participation and gamification of civic engagement; 2) Academia MyPolis - a mobile app to teach citizenship in the classroom in a fun way.

We have ongoing projects with 6 Portuguese municipalities and the Portuguese Government as a client.

We believe that politics can be simple, fun and, above all, for everyone. Do you?