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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. We're a tech careers marketplace focused on matching tech professionals and the employers that need them the most.

  2. We’re tech professionals too, our management and founding team used to be DevOps, developers, product managers or CTO's. We know the pains of technical hiring (we also get those spammy agency recruiter messages every day!). We know what you’re worth and the increasing value of that worth. We live in a candidate-driven space where there aren’t enough people with skills for the jobs available, and that makes you very attractive to employers.

    We match to the best opportunities on Landing.Jobs and help you along the way by offering advice, content and support (yes, even the feedback part).

    All the job offers currently published on Landing.Jobs are curated so we can guarantee all the employers are legit.

  3. Yes!

    Even if you apply for a job offer or receive a match request, the only information shared with the employer will be the profile information that you allow Landing.Jobs to share. This also applies to referrers. You have the control, it's your information.

  4. You can search, filter and create alerts for specific job offers or searches that you're interested. If you feel confident, you can apply right away or you can simply bookmark the job offers you like. You can also refer your friends for roles they might fit in and receive a reward if they land the job!

  5. Everyone is free to join our platform but our main target is digital talent. We're sure you’ve got several friends who're into tech, so go ahead and refer them. If they get the job, hey, you may get a referral reward and should definitely then take them out to dinner and celebrate. ;)

  6. Full-stack, front-end and back-end developers. DevOps, data scientists or engineers, product managers, mobile developers, UX or UI designers... From junior to lead positions! We’re focused on the tech jobs driving the most exciting companies in the world - well, we’re pretty much focusing on Europe for now, but we get a job offer for the United Stated or Singapure every now and then...

  7. That’s not a problem! You only have to pay attention to the job offer description where it says if they offer support with relocation and visa support (if you don't have a work permit). Also, we’re constantly working on getting more remote job offers. Use the filters on the search bar to sort them out, and don't forget you can subscribe to specific searches and get an alert every time a new job offer to your taste comes in!

  8. Each job offer has a reward that double motivates you to refer a job to a friend who you think has the right fit. According to our research on how to make a great referral, candidates who provide an employer with a great referral or recommendations have a higher chances of landing the gig.

  9. Your friend will receive a notification to apply for the job. We'll let you know as soon as your friend applies (this information can be found on your dashboard).

  10. Some job offer have a cash reward that you can earn by successfully referring a friend. You can choose between getting the cash transferred to your account or in vouchers (Amazon, Fnac, etc). If you opt for a bank transfer, we will require an invoice from you, though. Sorry, our accountant say so! You can select which reward type you want directly on your dashboard or contact our support team if you've got further questions.

  11. Following a 90 days guarantee period after your friend's first day at the new job, we’ll contact you directly to work on some final details. We’ll transfer the cash reward or send you the voucher within 60 days after that.

  12. We decided to keep things simple and reward only one referrer. It's up to the candidate to select which referral is the best one :)

  13. The more quality referrals the better!

  14. Sorry but the answer is no. Recommendations are reactive, referrals are proactive. If you're recommending someone do it from the heart and help your buddy by writing nice things. If you're referring then it means that you trust them and you know they're on the look out for a new gig. That's important information only you know about your network and, in case of success, should be rewarded of course.

  15. You will be able to find a list of both sent and received referrals and applications you did by accessing your personal dashboard here.

  16. No. Once you received the reward, it's yours. Maybe take your friend out for lunch?

  17. No problem! Go ahead and apply and select a friend to refer you!

  18. Sure! Role-switch: you're now the referrer!

  19. Yes. If you've done your homework then you should be able to make a great referral. Just be transparent about it.


  1. We're a tech careers marketplace focused on attracting, evaluating and engaging the right tech talent to your company.

  2. Because we're tech professionals ourselves. We know tech and we have the expertise to attract, evaluate and engage tech professionals for you. We know the difference between Java and JavaScript.

    Our team verifies all job offers to make sure there are no spammers fishing for contacts and we make sure you'll only receive quality reviewed applications.

  3. Yes, but you can choose the pricing model that best suits your needs. Find our available plans here, and pick the one that makes more sense for you!

  4. Our main focus is tech talent: full-stack, back-end and front-end developers, UX and UI designers, project/product managers, devOps, data scientists and engineers, mobile developers. We make sure we provide them with a top-notch experience on Landing.Jobs, they're assigned a talent developer who to give them support (yes, we'll call you wanting to know feedback!), resources, content, decision making tools to help them choose better.

  5. You'll simply need to go to our employers section and either kick things off on your own or schedule a quick call with one of our team members.

    After that, you have to register as an employer and you’re ready to post the job offer. Our team will then review it and publish it so that everyone can see it.

  6. Nope! We’re a tech startup operating a marketplace between verified employers and tech professionals. Our product continually evolves to allow both self-service and human-powered support in talent development and employer success.

    1. Because it's not legit. Either you're a recruitment or staffing agency. We're committed to our community and, therefore, we must to keep our jobs clean and curated. No middlemen inside.
    2. You didn't provide credible company information. Your office is not on a exoplanet.
    3. Your job offer is confusing or poorly written. Come on, we’re not fooling around here.
    4. Your job offer is not legit. E.g. you’re looking for a co-founder (sorry, that's not our gig) or a slave (abolished since the XVIII century).
  7. Our marketing team can promote your job openings through our network of affiliates, partners, social media and community (you may get a mention in our weekly newsletter), as well as other channels. If you'd like to find those beautiful unicorns out there we can help you out too but it will be more expensive (go figure!).

  8. Your job offers will be on display for 90 days.

  9. Someone once said do things that don’t scale. Until you figure out how to make a computer do it better, that is.

    We're developing an algorithm that assesses the quality score of each referral. Right now we're on manual mode.

  10. Start with a job description that’s clear and transparent in what you expect the new hire to do, and also shows your company’s personality. Provide as much information as you can about the job offer and hiring process to the Landing.Jobs team, and if we ask for clarification on anything, try and be prompt so we can make sure no professional are left on hold. Nobody likes that! We’re here to help.

  11. Congrats! A hire! Wahey!

    You'll be charged according to the pricing package you've chosen. Then we’re even.

  12. GAS = 12 * (contract value) / (contract length in months)

  13. If, for some reason, you decide not to keep the new hire, or if the new employee leaves the employer within a 90 (or 180 day in case of our Advanced plan) guarantee period after the start date, Landing.Jobs will re-open or keep the job offer live until a new candidate lands the job, at no extra cost.

We're constantly updating this FAQ according to your feedback.
If you feel there's something missing please go ahead and drop us an e-mail: [email protected] .