Get the tech talent you need abroad and pay them seamlessly

We make hiring and paying the right tech talent across borders easy, by taking care of salaries, taxes, benefits and compliance, all in one platform, with one single invoice.

Some companies trusting us their workforce payments

What’s in it for your Business?

Pay anyone, anywhere

  • Pay contractors and employees
  • Onboard contractors or employees quicker with our global Employee of Record (EOR) service, reducing process costs and time
  • Contracts and Payments are made compliantly with local labour laws even when talent is abroad, with no effort and on time
  • Automatically pay according to workers preferences in terms of cadence, currency and financial entity, flawlessly

Manage your global workforce in one place

  • Manage all payroll calculations in one single place
  • Centralise your entire workforce payments data in one fully secure and accurate dashboard
  • Get control with transparent access to relevant financial reports and one single monthly invoice for all your workforce payments
  • Transparent pricing model, no hidden margins

Find, Hire and Pay the Right Tech Talent

  • Connect directly to our community of 150K+ local and international tech talent to find the hires you need and boost your employer branding
  • Have access pre-vetted applications to reduce to a fraction the time you need to go over hundreds of CVs and find the right talent

“At Ironhack, we’re using Landing.Jobs so we only pay one invoice at the end of the month without having to deal with any of the red tape”

Alvaro Gonzalez, General Manager @ Ironhack Lisbon

It’s much more than just ‘Payments’

Check how to improve your workforce management

  • Hire international talent and pay them in the country they reside
  • Hire local or international tech talent without increasing headcount
  • ‘Try before hiring’ local or international talent
  • Hire tech talent directly for projects or to acquire knowledge
  • Use Landing.Jobs EoR service for any role, hired via Landing.Jobs or via your own recruitment efforts
  • Use our Global Payroll solution to manage not only talent abroad, but also anyone else in your workforce
  • Replace Outsourcing and Bodyshopping resources, cutting the middlemen, reducing costs and improving talent retention

As global workforces become not only a privilege but a necessity, so do the challenges of hiring and paying tech talent and teams across borders.

Landing.Jobs provides a one-stop-shop global hiring & payments service for companies and tech talent, connecting cross-border tech talent supply and demand, cutting middlemen and reducing costs by digitising the whole tech talent hiring and paying experience.

Let’s discuss how we can help your business overcome the barriers preventing you access to the wide world tech talent pool.

Stay Tuned!

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