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Landing.Jobs is a new-generation Tech Hiring Hub connecting your company directly to +500K pre-vetted tech professionals

Our mission is helping companies navigate the new tech talent market

You want to meet your tech hiring goals and reduce costs. That’s exactly what we provide.

Access broader talent pools

Local talent is getting scarcer and more expensive by the day. Our Hub helps you connect directly to a pool of 500.000+ IT Professionals worldwide.

Reduce cost of talent hiring

Our solutions mitigate the need to spend huge sums and team effort sourcing, evaluating and hiring talent.

Increase speed and agility

Being able to easily scale and reduce tech teams is possible with our mix of Recruitment, IT Staffing and Independent Contractors hiring services, helping you find the right balance.

Optimise IT costs

Whether internal or external/outstaffed workers, we provide one single channel to manage all hiring processes for your organisation, allowing scale economies.

Reduce external providers

Our Hub allows you to manage all your IT Staffing Providers and Independent Contractors in one single integrated environment, greatly reducing complexity, effort and costs.

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Pre-vetted IT professionals


Countries from all over the world

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Our Tech Hiring Hub provides your business with top-talent solutions

From Junior Devs to CTOs, perms or temps, local or international, working remotely or relocating, recruited or outsourcing, it’s really up to you. We simply deliver, fast and well.


Recruit internal

Hire your core team members with our premium recruitment services providing you pre-vetted, shortlisted candidates.


Staff external

Scale your teams fast and reduce costs using our Global Hub of IT Staffing providers and Independent Contractors.

Multiple services tailored to your needs

Augment your Recruitment team

Use our top RPO service to staff specialised tech recruiters temporarily to your TR team, possibly internalising later.

Create Nearshore IT Teams

This turn-key service allows you to seamlessly distribute your IT capacities through other geographies to mitigate local talent scarcity while reducing costs.

Centralise External Providers

Manage all your IT Staffing Providers and Independent Contractors in one single system, reducing efforts, cost and even providers, while increasing compliance.

Increase your Brand Awareness

Show yourself as a top tech employer in your target talent geographies and segments using our proven Employer Branding customised plans.

Buid your tech team in another country

Hire great tech talent in countries where you don’t have a legal entity. We handle the onboarding, offboarding, payroll and all compliance requirements.

Get highly qualified visas

Embrace the globalisation of tech work and avoid talent shortage by hiring from a global talent pool, we take care of all dreadful Visa processes for you.

Recommended by best companies from all corners of the globe

Within a year, we've hired nine high-quality candidates through Landing.Jobs, filling roles ranging from product management to data analysis, solution architecture, and project management.

Eliza McIntyre
Interim Recruitment Manager

I will advise Landing.Jobs for every friend that works in IT-related jobs! It has a much better experience than LinkedIn to find a job, not only about the product experience itself, but the support from Landing.Jobs team was awesome!

Tauan Vivekananda
Product Designer

Landing.Jobs makes it easier for us to recruit in Portugal, because it's important for us to have someone in the country with the connection to our Portuguese candidates. So far, we've built a really successful team here and we're happy with the candidates that we've hired.

Isabell Wiethe
Recruiting Specialist

With Landing.Jobs, we always get a response. Besides, they know how to manage our expectations and we always know what are the stages of the recruitment processes. They have a super human and supportive follow-up.

Isabel Novais
UX/UI Designer

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