Who we are
Wunder enables communities, individuals and companies to launch and scale mobility services efficiently. To learn quickly and move fast, we have three products that we market globally:

  • Carpool: Solve traffic in the world’s most gridlocked cities through carpooling.
  • Shuttle: Create a compelling complementary solution to traditional public transportation.
  • Fleet: Enable fleet operators to share any type of vehicle efficiently.

What we do
Wunder’s technology is used by dozens of clients in 30+ cities on four continents. Wunder is the only software company hosting the full stack of new mobility solutions. Our portfolio includes carpooling, smart shuttles and fleet management (car, bike and scooter sharing). Wunder operates as a technology provider for cities and communities, promoting the digitization of public transport. Transport companies and companies from the automotive industry in Europe, Latin America, and Asia are currently using Wunder’s technology.

What makes us different

  1. Join a community! We do not share vehicles only, some of our employees even share their flat with each other. You will find it very easy to find connections - we go out at night, we host events to support the community and we want you to shape the community as well. Whether you are into board games or whisky, feel free to create internal events and share great experiences.

  2. We make a difference, environmentally and socially! Air pollution and traffic are one of the major problems in today’s cities. We reduce traffic and the CO2 emissions in cities by offering an easy-to-use solution for carpooling, car sharing, bike sharing, and even scooter sharing. We also offer a solution for commuters with corporate shuttle services as one of our latest core services.

  3. From pivoting multiple times into one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. In the last four years, we pivoted twice. We had ups and downs, we were in constant search for an amazing product-market fit. Last year, we found our proof of concept and have successfully validated this concept in the market since then. We have now entered the growth stage.