tb.lx by Daimler Trucks & Buses

Connecting Data Ecosystems

Who we are

A startup within the corporate. A tech team with a strong global impact. This is us. We are a small team of developers, engineers, data scientists, designers, visionaries and makers. We believe in our mission to create a sustainable future of transportation.

What we do

We are crafting actionable intelligence from telematics data for Daimler Trucks & Buses. We unlock mobility patterns in big data that lead to new products for the commercial vehicle industry. One could say that we are the innovation spearheads for our big mother company. Our products result in global services for fleet managers, drivers, cities, and other stakeholders.

What makes us exciting and unique

We understand transportation and mobility challenges and the pressure of the market. With experience in the markets, the right mindset and a headstart in data knowledge, we will build a bridge for Daimler to evolve as a digital company. We co-develop solutions with the businesses and innovate new mobility solutions. Partner with us to explore previously unseen mobility patterns.

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