Studyportals in a nutshell: Making Higher Education Study Choice Transparent Globally. We are a set of web platforms that allows prospective students to find and compare all University education programmes worldwide.

Our challenge is to build, adapt, and create the biggest education search platform, bringing transparency and reliability to international education. We're building a platform that is valuable to students and agile to demands of international education.
Our focus is therefore fully students/user-cantered. We place all our energy on knowing what students want, allowing them to be the main architects of our portals.

From Bachelors, Masters, PhDs, Short Courses, Distance Learning, Preparation Courses and scholarships. If we could put our belief under one big banner, it would state the overall mission as: "Empowering the world to choose education."

Studyportals' team now consist of 190+ people worldwide with 36+ different nationalities. The centre of our operations is in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - also referred to as technology capital of Europe. Our brand-new HQ is located in the most iconic Philips factory building on the new and upcoming Strijp-S area, an exciting hub of entrepreneurship, technology and design. We also have operations in Boston, Bucharest, Colombo, Manchester, Melbourne, Monterrey and Stockholm.

Join our mission! We are on the hunt for fun-loving, goofy, passionate & ambitious developers for our HQ in the innovative hub of the Netherlands – Eindhoven.