Sky Technology Centre – Portugal
Sky is Europe's leading entertainment company and serves 22 million customers.
Our Mission

As the Sky business has broadened out, to include broadband and talk products, OTT streaming services, and now mobile, we have added to our world class in-house capabilities. Sky’s business continued to grow across the UK and Europe, and we created technology centres of excellence in Leeds and Lisbon.
The team in Lisbon, which now consists of over 100 highly skilled software developers and engineers, works alongside technology teams in the UK on an exciting range of Sky products. Sky in Portugal makes a valuable contribution to Sky’s business, providing a high level of technical expertise, complementing our existing teams in the UK.

Why you should join our team
In technology, SKY has continued to grow and invest, and created in Lisbon, a technological centre. In Lisbon, we have over 130 highly skilled and passionate software developers and engineers, working through a common goal: to provide the best experience for all SKY customers. SKY Lisbon team makes a huge contribution to SKY’s business, providing a high level of technical expertise and complementing the existing services in UK and Germany. We work in a fast-paced and collaborative Agile environment with cutting-edge technologies.
Your future co-workers
José Nunes
Delivery Manager
I started programming at the age of 13, first Basic, then video games. Later I joined Computer Science programme at Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT NOVA). I started my career as a software developer at a small company before I joined CGD bank as a BI consultant. More than 4 years ago I joined Sky as a Software Developer, moved into a Scrum Master role after couple of years and I was later promoted to Delivery Manager, all these positions in Sky Store OTT Platform team.
Project delivery
Software Architecture
People management
Software Development
André Encarnação
Software Developer
I’ve been working as a software developer for 4 years now. Been on the financial sector, B2B and now working for a customer facing application. I like to create new products on my mind and use tech skills to bring them to reality. Always think positive.
Team Player
Fast Thoughts
Research Master
Incredible Fast Typing
Rita Pereira
Software Developer
I acquired a lot of experience building software for large companies using mostly .Net architectures during my consulting years. I like to work with others and discuss problems within our team as well as learning and teaching what I know because that's the only way a team can grow.
Hiring Process
It depends on the profile we are looking, but normally, our recruitment process starts with a technical assessment, followed by 2 interviews, and if all goes well, a proposal. All interviews are conducted by our tech guys, typically the first one is more a technical conversation and the second, more with a management perspective, usually conducted by one of our scrum masters or delivery manager. When necessary, HR joins the interviews. We try to keep the process as simple, honest and quick as possible, always keeping close contact with the candidates, sharing feedback.
What we've been working on
Sky Store
Sky Store is a transactional Video-on-Demand service. It works across many different devices and Sky Set-top-boxes and it’s currently live in UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Austria. Customers can rent movies or Buy & keep forever and we even send a DVD in the post. The team works on all aspects of this proposition including back-end development, front-end development, infrastructure and operation.
SQL Server
Video Platform
The Sky Technology Centre in Portugal works on multiple components of the strategic Video Platform of Sky that supports multiple propositions and countries. Development follows agile practices with continuous delivery and deployment. Example of components developed are DRM support, Payment Gateways, Voucher Systems and many others. Due to the broad usage of these components there is a strong focus on high availability (99.999%+) and scalability.
Java 8
Spring Boot
The Interactive team develops the support for Interactive journeys in the Sky Classic Set Top Boxes. This allows the customer to interact directly on his box for Sales & Service operations that go from subscribing new channels, to check details of his billing account, receive notifications and much more. It also allows interaction with live programs for things like multiple camera on sports programmes.
Java 8
Spring Boot
Our Office
Our people are critical to our success. So, we aim to foster a culture where they can do their best work, fulfil their potential and achieve great things together. For this, we believe that is essential to ensure a happy environment, so that everyone can feel the proud and joy of being part of SKY business. Our office is the reflection of these believes: open, relaxed and friendly, were you can easyly find different spaces for work or fun.