Sky Technology Centre – Portugal
Sky is Europe's leading entertainment company and serves 24 million customers.
Our Mission

Sky is the world market leader in digital satellite broadcast technology with over 24 million Sky subscriber homes across the UK, Irish Republic, Germany and Italy. Now part of the Comcast group which brings the customer number to over 50 million on the group. Making bold decisions is a big part of our history at Sky - and with talented people like you on board, we’re confident it’s going to be a big part of our future. OTT delivers an exciting range of internet TV products that are revolutionizing the industry, with fresh ideas and the latest technologies. Today we are transforming the way our customers view content by making Sky Movies, Entertainment and Sports available across a range of devices and providing a brand-new experience leveraging NBCUniversal content to millions of users across the globe.

Why you should join our team
In Lisbon's Technology Centre, we have over 280 highly skilled and passionate software developers and engineers, working through a common goal: to provide the best experience for all SKY customers. SKY Lisbon team makes a huge contribution to SKY’s business, providing a high level of technical expertise and complementing the existing services in UK, US and Germany. We work in a fast-paced and collaborative Agile environment with cutting-edge technologies. We are seeking individuals who are looking for a new challenge and who are passionate about learning and building world-class systems architectures and delivery mechanisms.
Your future co-workers
Hugo Raimundo
Head of Architecture
Master degree from ISEL, experienced in front-end and back-end development having worked in Xpand, Via Verde, Estradas de Portugal, BOLD, Sapo and CGD. Soon getting interest in structuring software and creating beautiful diagrams to accompany the code with a fine taste for organisation and order, technology enthusiast, board game geek, father, husband, gamer and dreamer. A typical Software Engineer currently playing the role of Head of Architecture. Having started at Sky in 2012 as a Software Engineer, soon taking responsibilities of team management and then moving to leading the Software Architecture and Performance Engineering teams.
Ricardo Almeida
Scrum Master
With 15+ years of experience in areas such as e-commerce, healthcare and logistics, to me Software Development is all about solving real-life issues and delivering value - and also about working alongside extraordinary people. Joined Sky as a developer in 2017 and my first day involved being briefed at an airport, hopping on a plane to London, and meeting the stakeholders to start designing a solution for a confidential proposition. 4 months later we released a brand new service that impacted over 4M customers - that's exactly the kind of scale and pace that keeps me hooked!
Rita Pereira
Software Developer
I acquired a lot of experience building software for large companies using mostly .Net architectures during my consulting years. I like to work with others and discuss problems within our team as well as learning and teaching what I know because that's the only way a team can grow.
Hiring Process
It depends on the profile we are looking, but normally, our recruitment process starts with a technical assessment, followed by 2 interviews, and if all goes well, a proposal. All interviews are conducted by our tech guys, typically the first one is more a technical conversation and the second, more with a management perspective, usually conducted by one of our scrum masters or delivery manager. When necessary, HR joins the interviews. We try to keep the process as simple, honest and quick as possible, always keeping close contact with the candidates, sharing feedback.
What we've been working on
Pay TV
Pay TV is a transactional Video-on-Demand service. It works across many different devices and Sky Set-top-boxes and it’s currently live in UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Austria. Customers can rent movies or Buy & keep forever and we even send a DVD in the post. The team works on all aspects of this proposition including back-end development, front-end development, infrastructure and operation.
.NET Core
SQL Server
Peacock is the new streaming service that makes hundreds of NBC TV series, Universal films, sports, news, kids and Spanish content available on STBs, Web, Connected TV, gaming consoles and mobile devices. The platform fuses concepts from traditional on-demand content with live events in an innovative proposition, that could be either free, ad supported, or subscription based. In Lisbon we are in charge of all the frontend application development, across all the devices. The service launched already on Comcast network and after that will have a full US rollout. Do you want to know more? When will it be available for you? Join us!
React Native
TV Distribution Platforms
The Sky Technology Centre in Portugal participates on the delivery of a set of Microservices that are integrated on a large-scale strategic Platform. This platform supports multiple propositions and territories and its development follows agile practices, with a strong focus on automation and Continuous Delivery/Deployment. Example of components developed are DRM support, Commerce Interfaces and Content Discovery. Due to the broad usage of these services there is a strong focus on high availability (99.999%+) and scalability.
Sales & Services Platform
Composed by dozens of micro-services, this platform supports all Sales and Services journeys of Sky’s Products, including Peacock. It's a scalable, product and territory agnostic platform, managed by more than hundred engineers. Our development process is based on Continuous Deployment pipelines where the whole process is automated. We understand the end-to-end requirement, the goals we want to achieve, design the best technical solution, implemented it and make it bulletproof.
Java 8
Spring Boot
Our Office
Our people are critical to our success. So, we aim to foster a culture where they can do their best work, fulfill their potential and achieve great things together. For this, we believe that it's essential to ensure a happy environment, so that everyone can feel the pride and joy of being part of SKY business. Our office is the reflection of these beliefs: open, relaxed and friendly, where you can easily find different spaces for work or fun. At the end of 2019 we moved to the new office in Entrecampos 28 which is the second home for us!