SeQura is a fintech company founded in 2013 to solve the main challenges in e-commerce: trust and flexibility. Our main objective is to improve the buying experience. We believe that buying online should be as convenient as it has always been in traditional commerce, if not more. A shopper should be able to touch, feel and try the product they want before paying for it.

We give customers tools with which they buy freely, without long processes, in more fair and transparent conditions, and without fine print. The future of payments will be fair and transparent, in what is common sense.

We provide e-retailers with a solution to reduce consumer thresholds, improving conversion rates and raising average basket sizes while securing certainty of payment. Providing at the same time, comfort, security and flexibility to the online consumers.

We’re already present in more than 650 shops, with the goal of reaching 800 by the end of 2017. We've had a great market reception so far, having reached break even this year. We’re growing our product team now.