Paul Stricker is focused on creating, developing and distributing promotional items to professionals of the same sector and has always been a leading player in this industry. Founded in 1944, the Company pioneered the development of the promotional products sector in Portugal, always betting on an innovative approach to the market.
Today, Paul Stricker has more than 600 employees, 12 offices in 3 different continents, several partners, over 36.000 pallets of permanent stock and more than 9,000m2 of production, with the primary objective of better and more effectively serve its customers dispersed by more than 70 countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Brazil, Turkey, Poland or Sweden.
Thanks to its aggressive international expansion strategy, Paul Stricker has tripled in size over the last 4 years, and in the 5 year plan maintains an annual growth rate of over 40%, growth sustained by the dynamics and ambition of the entire team.