Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is growing fast! Join our product development team in Barcelona - make great things happen!


At NetSuite, we believe the cloud is here to stay and so do our 40,000+ customers. We believe businesses should not be bogged down by the overhead of bulky data centers and expensive personnel to run it all. Businesses need to be lean, efficient and agile. NetSuite is literally transforming business around the globe by providing a cloud-based, unified system that delivers unprecedented capabilities to drive business forward.

Founded in 1998 as the cloud ERP pioneer, today NetSuite has transformed the business operations of our customers without the high costs and inefficiency of on-premise systems.

NetSuite was acquired by Oracle in 2016 and is now part of the Oracle family with its 160,000 employees in almost every country in the world.

The office in Barcelona was established in November 2013 as a research & development center, leveraging the talented engineering community of one of Europe’s most attractive cities.