Recently funded and growing tech-startup developing a Smart Parcelbox and IoT Paas

What is MYPO?
MYPO is a smart parcelbox that allows consumers to receive and return packages effortlessly. However, the company is not a parcelbox manufacturer, we leave that to our production partners. Our company is a tech-startup, the core of our business is the combination between our cloud platform that connects carriers and consumers, and our smart-lock. The lock can be used for all types of parcelboxes, for example built-in models in new buildings, or a steel box in the garden. The MYPO app than sends the relevant tracking information to the smart lock, receives notifications when a package is delivered and lists all of your (online) orders.

Why did we start MYPO?
No longer than a year and a half ago MYPO was just an idea, born out of our own personal frustration with receiving packages. Additionally, we believe that MYPO can bring a revolutionary change to the delivery industry. With a smart parcel box, it is possible to deliver packages at night, when cities are empty, and deliveries are more efficient and less polluting.

Where do they stand right now?
Since we started in 2015, we have developed several prototypes and produced our first pilot series. Everything has been developed inhouse: from the PCB design and firmware to the cloud platform. During the past six months we ran a pilot in Rotterdam for the first 25 users together with our partners (DHL and KPN). The results were positive and consequently MYPO received an investment of 500.000 euro for bringing our technology to the market. There is currently a lot of interest from corporates as well as municipalities.

Where are we going?
In 5 years, MYPO will be the number 1 supplier of "Smart Parcel Lock" solutions (hardware, application and platform). In addition to selling our own Parcelbox, we provide and integrate our technology with various construction companies (house front models) and parcelbox manufacturers. All this while bearing in mind that we want to contribute to the creation