Jungle AI

Explorers of Unknown Territory in Predictive Intelligence

Jungle is on a mission to remove uncertainty. Uncertainty is synonymous with waste of valuable resources, such as materials, money, and time. We build software to look into the future and help our customers accurately know what will happen next. Empowered by this knowledge, they can make better decisions and decrease their waste.

All predictive solutions have a common denominator; time. Jungle is organically developing a generic prediction pipeline to solve any prediction problem. We don’t believe all problems can be solved automatically by a generic system. However, with the right tools and infrastructure in place, building a solution becomes a matter of days, not months. That’s why we develop our generic pipeline, and why we constantly stress-test it with challenging real-life cases from a variety of industries.

Predicting the future

We work with the world’s largest entities in the Energy and Heavy Industry sectors. They are running asset-intensive operations in which critical equipment is pushed 24/7 to deliver maximum performance. And downtime is detrimental to them. Knowing ahead of time what will happen, when and why allows them to prevent, or prepare for what’s coming. For any line of business, knowing what’s ahead is a game changer, will allow a new way of running operations.

People, people, people

Our company doesn’t own large machines, everything we do lives in the cloud. We equip ourselves with laptops and a ping-pong table; this company is 100% people driven so that’s what we focus on. The team is our prime asset and this is why all our energy goes into maintaining our positive spirit and growing it further by bringing the right people together.

We dream big and work hard. We challenge ourselves and others everyday to explore uncharted territories. Together we are growing Jungle into something truly amazing that we will share with as many people as possible.

A meaningful ecosystem

Our field is developing at a staggering pace. To keep up with the latest, and help the data science community with this as well, we have set up the PyData Lisbon Meetup together with our partners Beta-I and Microsoft.

We are also a proud member of the Free Electrons accelerator program. Together with 14 other startups from all over the world and 10 of world’s largest energy companies, we are building products that make energy cheaper, more reliable and safer.