the perfect gift for special occasions

At, users can buy and give hotel vouchers. With our voucher you can book at over 100.000 hotels worldwide. The voucher can be customized with a currency, amount and template. Hotel voucher is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations and xmas. The platform is currently (March 2018) under development and is expected to go live in April 2018.

Our platform is build in Wordpress / Woocommerce and runs on AWS.

The founder of, Koen Kam, is an internet veteran who founded and sold 3 major internet companies in 10 years time.
One of the companies he founded was the social network, which served more than 9 million users in the Netherlands at peak. Hyves was sold to Telegraaf Media Group.
Koen has a background in Applied mathematics and Computer science. He lives in Cascais and is also active as a startup investor.