There’s always another way of seeing things

Welcome to the power company where there’s always another way of seeing things. At Holaluz, we are leading the transformation of the energy sector in Spain, thanks to innovation and honesty, while we build a better world. That's why we always take decisions putting our customers in the centre. Because if it’s not good for them; it’s not good for us.

Green energy isn't just an option; is the solution. That's why we only sell energy that comes from renewable sources: solar, hydraulic, wind, biomass and biogas.

Holaluz wants to join its customers on their journey towards a new sustainable energy model, in which everyone can manage and optimise their own energy usage, making them prosumers instead of consumers.

Holaluz closed its Series A round of financing in February 2016, when Axon Partners invested 4 million Euros in the company for marketing and communication projects, with the objective of exponentially increasing the growth of the company.

Holaluz has become the first European electricity company to be awarded with the B Corp Certification; a seal that comprises of more than 2,400 businesses from 50 countries, whose objective is to give visibility to companies who, apart from generating financial gains, innovate to maximise their positive impact on their employees, in the communities that they serve and on the environment. In short, businesses that are born to be the best in the world, and the best for the world.