We make complicated things simple.

We are a technology company. Hundreds of computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians, and business people work hand in hand to develop brilliant products. We are unified by our belief that every day we have the freedom to create the future.

Which is why we do not limit ourselves to trends, methods or industries. Rather, we tackle each new challenge with cross-sector thinking and our experience gathered from hundreds of software projects. The harder the challenge, the better.

At developers are real product engineers: They design digital product ideas and plans, analyze data, develop machine learning algorithms, write entire code from front-end code to back-end code, test and deliver flawless software in very short iterations.

Small, agile product teams shape all levels of product in partnership with their clients. Product teams know the software in its minutest detail. Product teams are also responsible for user experience: They observe the user’s behavior, compare variations from A/B testing and implement improvements by means of data analysis.


Directly in the hotspot of Portugal, in Lisbon, we have recently opened our new office. A small, experienced team of engineers from Hamburg, who knows the values and the engineering well, has started there with its new colleagues from Portugal. We are very excited about our new " Lisboa" and look forward to many new colleagues who will support us as part of the community in setting up our new location there. It is important to us that the Lisbon location starts at the same high level as our customers and teams are used to in Hamburg/Germany. As an additional part of the onboarding, every new colleague from Lisbon will be coached, trained and intensively introduced to the culture in Hamburg for a period of 4 to 8 weeks.