Focus BC is a Google partner technology company, focused (pun intended) on leveraging its Location Intelligence experience to deliver amazing cloud-based solutions in the Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 landscape.

We breathe cloud and scalability and feed on real time sensoring and large volumes of data to show off the value of our customers businesses.

And what technology stack could be better than the one powering Google itself ?

Our team enjoys building high performance and scalable state-of-the art solutions mostly in Java and Javascript (hello Angular and NodeJS!), there's even some PHP around, while Docker and Jenkins are used to make sure we can confidently deploy everything to the most powerful cloud platform in the world!

Yes, there are some Linux VMs around, and it's nice that you like Redis and MongoDB, but what we enjoy most is to play with Google Cloud. Google Kubernetes Engine, Google PubSub, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, Google Datastore, Google IoT, Google ML... there's just too many toys to play with! And of course we use Google Maps API for the eye candy and showing off :-)