Joining forces in food logistics

We are here to offer peace of mind in food supply chain for all our shipper and carrier partners. And we prepare the logistics ecosystem for the automation of the whole industry waiting ahead by utilizing technology for every process we put in place.

Our engineering principles are:

Customer Focus: We should always be guided by solving customer problems, directly or indirectly.

Convergence: When doing technical decisions, usually the best option is the one that leads to convergence of patterns, standards and good practices. It also drives the software to be simple.

Automation: Automation creates an error-prone environment and increases productivity. Repetitive tasks should be avoided.

Fearless Releases: We iterate quickly and release often. We are able to do that because we have a quality assurance process, an automated build and we develop small chunks of deployed code.

Balanced Effort: Customer needs should be balanced with technical debit and maintenance.

Ownership: Everything on the codebase and all supporting tools have an owner. At the same time, responsibility should be a common characteristic.

Flexibility : Engineers should be able to apply their skills in a diverse set of challenges. We are open minded and like to try new things.

Transparency: Knowledge should always be shared with the team in a long lived form of documentation. We assume trust from each other and are not afraid to share and learn with our failures.