More control, more power and easier with Fintonic, the first Financial Optimiser.

Fintonic is mobile banking for the products that matter.

Fintonic leverages big data financial information, using proprietary credit scoring and machine learning algorithms, to provide customers with an unparalleled financial experience and highly targeted loans and insurance products that can be contracted in the app with a seamless mobile experience.

Fintonic provides a unique access point for customers to all their financial information, organises outgoings into categories and alerts regarding insurance renewals, overdrafts, fees etc providing them with relevant tailored financial products such as loans (using proprietary credit scoring and maching learning algorithms) that users can contract straight through the app.

Fintonic´s algorithm analyses the suitability of a user for a loan and presents it with pre-approved loans that can be contracted with just one click. Fintonic also accurately anticipates key events such as insurance renewal and automatically presents users with alternative products and saving options. Fintonic has recently introduced Finscore, a free index through which users know what their credit profile is, which enhances their negotiating capacity when contracting financial products.

Fintonic is currently operating in Spain and Chile, where it is the number one mobile banking app. Fintonic, winner of Google Startups Mobile Innovation Award in Finance, is the first financial optimiser, with over 400.000 users.