We are looking for pirates, rebels, rock stars. Developers that want to make a real difference.

“Emesa?”, don't worry, there is a possibility you may have never heard of us. Emesa is based in Amsterdam and the driving force behind the high traffic and real time auction platforms VakantieVeilingen and Vavabid. The deal platform Actievandedag completes our portfolio of e-commerce platforms. With APIs totaling hundreds of millions of calls/month, websites handling tenths of millions of page views, mobile applications installed on millions of devices and desire to expand, we need your help to improve, develop and achieve our ambitions.

Our achievements didn't go unnoticed and now we are proud to be part of the Talpa Network. As a part of the biggest media group of the Netherlands, Emesa belongs to a select group of companies that reach the Dutch crowd with innovative and entertaining content every day.

The wonderful thing about Emesa is that we do more than running our huge auction platform. For us it’s important that everyone who works here feels at home. Every year our employer satisfaction survey shows that the #1 aspect that our colleagues love is the atmosphere in the office. As a company we are proud of this fact and help stimulate this by offering free sport clinics and fruit to keep everyone healthy. To keep the balance in the universe we also throw amazing parties where memories are made that last a lifetime.

Not to forget, we have regular Hackathons (Talpa Labs) and organise several Meetups each year.