We bring real-time data insights to the world of retail. We have developed a set of tools to gather, process and analyze e-commerce data from webshops. Every day, we collect prices, promotions and assortment data from a myriad of e-commerce channels. These data are turned into actionable insights for the right people at the right time by extracting high level insights, introducing more structure with AI techniques, and enriching the information with alternative data sources.

In August 2017 we've decided to move our team of engineers to Lisbon and it was the best decision we've made so far. We're located in a very strategic location at São Sebastião (right next to the metro) and have established a team of locals and expats. Daltix counts 10+ different nationalities so far! We like to work together as one big team, achieve our next goal and have a well deserved beer together whenever we can!

We're working hard and we need YOU to join our team!