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BIT by Sonae MC
Doing business, building future retail!

BIT is the Information Systems area of Sonae MC. A group of people who live for the business and technology breakthroughs, creating fast, cohesive management and decision tools.

Our Culture

This is a place to share knowledge and inspiration!

Technology is a source of competitive advantage and in retail, the impact is particularly significant with business models and hierarchies being disrupted. At Sonae, we are aware of the power of technology and drive hundreds of IT-enabled initiatives that empower our customers and recurrently position us in several business and innovation benchmarks.

We believe that simplifying structures, processes and the way we work (with each other, with our business colleagues and with our partners) not only can free us all precious time and energy but also enhance our focus, purpose, agility and effectiveness towards our businesses.

We are bit.makers – If you imagine something that doesn’t exist, make it

Technology may be our focus but the people are the most important asset. They’re the ones who make it happen. We are passionate about retail and technology and wish to share that passion to you. In this page, you will find, videos, descriptions and updates about our ongoing projects. It's a chance to get to know our work and the people behind it.

BIT: Inspiring 500 people to work together

The pace of technological change and the increasingly central role of technology in retail requires an even more dynamic organization. Technological savviness (know-how) is only an asset if leveraged collaboratively (together) towards business results (business focus) and requires a challenge (champion) of the status quo and full-hearted dedication (passion).

These are BIT’s 5 key values that guide our culture which is also embodied in Tech Hub, a workplace with hot seating, seating areas defined by value chain affinity (and not hierarchies), informal interaction spots in different shapes and sizes (pallet auditorium, bean bags, outdoor balconies …) and where we breathe and live retail every day.

  • Share Work – At BIT we want to share our new projects and their results. It makes us proud and gives everyone a chance to learn.
  • Share Ideas – These projects can perhaps ignite new ideas, new perspectives, and that’s why we encourage sharing and discussing them.
  • Share inspiration – We want to show BIT’s way doing of business. Come together and help us shape the future of retail.