Better Payment Germany GmbH

Online Payments Just Got Better

The idea for Better Payment was formed in 2008. At this time FinTech was still a rather unpopular industry. Most companies did not grasp the possibilities and the extent of potential yet. Our founder, Björn Bähre, recognized that payment solutions lacked flexibility to serve the markets demands and were far from being comprehensive. Most technologies were impossible to adapt to individual and innovative ways of Online Payments. In the following years, the plan to design a payment solution that would combine comprehensive payment with the flexibility and adaptability to match all payment requirements was formed – Better Payment. In 2013 the company was founded, to reach this goal.

Today, Better Payment Germany GmbH distinguishes itself from other payment providers by offering a highly sophisticated in-house built product, personalized service and simple one step integration.

Greetings from Better Payment Germany and we are looking forward to working with you!