Kickin'out Wall Street

Betmarkets is the eToro for sports betting - it is a web platform that allows for the investment in sports betting through experts recommendations.

As a two-sided platform, anyone can take one (or both) of two roles: tipster and investor. Therefore, it is possible to earn money with zero risk, by becoming a tipster. As tipster, you just submit sports predictions, see your history being built and people willing to place bets on your predictions will appear - you make your commission! On the other side, if you want to diversify your portfolio and invest in sports betting, you are shown with a large database of sports betting tipsters, you can follow the ones who meet your criteria and every time they submit a tip, Betmarkets places the bet for you (according to your instructions).

There is no other website like Betmarkets aims to change the way you look at sports betting and it will prove sports betting has potential for more gains with less risk than the financial markets.

From March onwards, Betmarkets is going to integrate the Batch 1 of the Zero Gravity Acceleration, held in Lisbon, which meant an investment of 40k for 10% of equity. This is the chance for you to experience, in person, what the Lisbon startup ecosystem looks like and network as much as possible!