Bandora Systems

AI platform for buildings to reduce energy consumption and increase occupants comfort

Bandora develops a solution for building managers, who strive to increase energy efficiency, the satisfaction and comfort of their occupants, develop greater environmental and social awareness and fulfill the goals set by the EPBD.
Bandora is the solution that allows up to 40% reduction of the energy consumption in a building, without degrading the comfort of the occupants. Using the latest data analytics tools that correlate in real time information from sensors, equipment, BMS, occupation and user feedback regarding their experience, the so-called Internet of All (IoA), which allows to generate an algorithm predictive model with the primary function of optimizing the consumption versus comfort binomial.
Bandora is an open system, a service that works in the cloud, fully integrated with the existing hardware in the building.
Unlike proprietary system manufacturers, Bandora is a complement to BMS / EMS solutions or even gateway manufacturers, because we are positioned in the development of the artificial intelligence layer that will reprogram your equipment efficiently and intelligently , automatically and immediately, maximizing energy savings.
Bandora's competitive advantages are centered on the analytics not only of the data generated by the hardware of the buildings, but also of the data coming from the interaction of its occupants. According to the mathematical models of the operation of the buildings and equipment that are intended to be controlled, predictive and adaptive algorithms are generated, which allow the reconfiguration of the equipment in real time.
The user is also shown their energy impact on the building, which leads to greater environmental awareness and leads to a change in their behavior. By reducing energy consumption in the building, we have an impact in terms of carbon footprint, including a reduction in CO2 emissions from buildings.