Innovative IT solutions built for today, fit for tomorrow

AreiaTek is a software development consultancy, based in Ericeira. We are looking to build a team of talented and passionate developers, who love being part of a multi-cultural team that brings cool projects to life. We believe in underpromissing & overdelivering, and measure our success against the satisfaction of our clients. And since our work can only be as good as our people, we are looking for rock stars, and people looking to become rock stars, to join us!
Our primary focus is software development for the healthcare IT market, which is undergoing major changes all over the world. We want to be part of that change and bring our contribution to reshaping how healthcare is delivered, so we’ve partnered with KeborMed, an AreiaTek strategic partner in the US market, and the provider of the first end-to-end IoT platform built specifically for the healthcare industry. KeborMed’s Connected Care PaaS is available to medical device manufacturers at all stages of the development process, and is meant to transform any medical hardware manufacturer into an integrated solution provider.