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Ad Insert Tech

Enable Ad Insertion Everywhere

Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) is a company active in Digital TV and Over The Top (OTT) services since 2007.

Our founder, Laurent Potesta, is a digital TV specialist with over 16 years of experience in digital TV & IPTV and video streaming.

Since its founding, the company has substantially increased its customer base and extended its activity. In 2012, for example, the company launched its Digital OTT head-end for delivering Live TV channels over the Internet for a Swiss OTT operator.

We have a unique position, as we understand the TV channels, traditional broadcast and content distribution worlds, as well as being experts in distributing quality and reliable OTT offers using the Internet for all kinds of connected devices.

AIP has launched a range of innovative services like File-To-File transcoding for helping customers increase the quality of their encoding and reduce costs. In 2017, we launched "DAI Connect" our server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion solution, enabling monetization for OTT delivery on virtually any player or connected device.