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The Landing.Jobs Tech Professionals Happiness Index (TPHI) is an ongoing initiative that allows you to make an instant assessment of your career happiness and compare it with your peers and with your previous TPHI assessments in a personalized report we’ll send you.

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Share with your peers!

Share with your peers!


Happiness is a serious subject. Your career is a big part of your happiness, whether you like it or not. Moreover, no two persons see happiness the same way.

Are you happy with your career? Does it contribute positively to your overall life satisfaction?

What matters most to your own happiness?

The salary? The challenge? Work-life balance? The technology? Free coffee or beer? The company culture? Your teammates?

Are you happier now than 1 year ago? And how will you be 1 year from now? How happy are you compared to your peers?

How do you know it’s time to make a change, how do you make such decisions?

Your career is just a part of your overall life happiness, but it’s a damn important part of it. At Landing.Jobs, your career is our mission, not for the sake of it, but as something that should be continually improved according to your personal inclinations. This is the goal of the Tech Professionals Happiness Index.

Don’t sit out of your happiness. Participate and share in your peers community.

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Join this list of great companies


How’s the process?

To make your assessment you just need to fill a 2 min survey, and we’ll send you a personalized report after we process the data.

Note: we’ll send you the personalized report in May due to the need to build a minimal set of data that can be used to give you a peer perspective.

For you to have a perspective of your THPI across time, we’ll be sending you a reminder to make another THPI assessment from n to n months, after which you’ll receive your updated THPI personalized report with the more recent personal and peers data. Obviously, you’ll be able to opt out of this program.

Data privacy

Your data will be kept safe with Landing.Jobs, never be disclosed to any other entity. The peer comparison data will be made with fully anonymized data, keeping the full privacy of each individual.
Besides being an individual process, the peer comparison perspective brings a lot of rich insights to each person. In this sense, this is not just an individual exercise, but also a community effort to allow everyone to have more data to assess their situation and make better career decisions. Thus, your THPI will not only help you but everyone in the community.