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The future of tech hiring:
embracing uniqueness

September 28th  |  Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel

September 28th
Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel

The Tech Hiring Community is a dedicated group with more than 9500 tech recruiters that share knowledge on tech hiring trends and techniques. The conference intends to be one day of in-person networking and knowledge sharing, focusing on debating recruitment trends. This event has had seven editions, both in Lisbon and Porto, with around 150 – 200 people per edition.

The attendees consist of hiring managers, recruiters, HR leaders, decision-makers, and other individuals involved in the hiring process for technology positions. Each session will offer attendees actionable insights and strategies to apply immediately in their organisations.






Welcome session

Lourenço Queiroz



Sourcing the right candidates – Advanced Techniques Workshop

João Louza Brito

Senior Talent Engagement Partner @ HelloFresh


Employer branding in a competitive recruitment market

Ana Patrícia Correia

Regional Employer Branding Lead @ Zuhlke


Portugal’s positioning in a global market

Pedro Moura

Chief Growth Officer @ Landing.Jobs & Softlanding


Coffee break


How to mix remote and hybrid to get the best of both

Ana Soares

Head of HR & Workplace @ Airbus


How to use a career management system to foster talent attraction

Bianca Sousa

Employer Brand & Communications Coordinator @ Intellias


Panel – Culture matters: relevance of company culture in tech hiring


Renita Käsper

Global Talent Acquisition Leader I Employer Branding | Co-founder @ Recruitment Thursday

Sara Alves

HR Expert | Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding @ Siemens

Rita Tavares

Talent Acquisition Leader @Natixis

Pedro Moura

Chief Growth Officer @ Landing.Jobs & Softlanding



Our last edition


Why should I attend the Tech Hiring Community Conference Porto 2023?

Here are five reasons (with a bonus reason for companies) why you should attend our event:

  1. Get to know the best practices on talent acquisition from industry experts
  2. Stay up to date with trends and new technologies that might help your daily work
  3. Broaden your network of peers by getting to know other recruiters and decision-makers
  4. Share your knowledge, pose your questions and be part of the conversation
  5. Help shape the tech hiring community’s future by participating in this event!

Bonus reason for companies:

All our talks and panels are qualified as training sessions, so companies can request the certificate for their employees who attended and count as training offering hours.

How do I get my ticket?

You have to access our eventbrite page and choose the best option within the tickets available: early bird, general admission or training pack (for companies).

Am I only allowed to pay with Paypal?

No, you can pay with a debit or credit card. If you want a different option, please reach out to us.

Where will the conference take place?

The conference will take place at the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel in Porto – located at 169 Rua de Cervantes 4050-289 Porto.

How can I get a certificate of training hours?

Our conference is dedicated to providing knowledge and skills to tech recruiters, so all of our sessions are developed to qualify as training hours.

We can provide the certificate in the name of the attendees who ask us to, so companies can submit it as training offered to their employees, completing the mandatory yearly hours.

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