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Is Remote Work for You?

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February is all about remote work and we’ve been talking a lot about it. Why? Here at we’ve been hearing non-stop about remote work, and our candidates are increasingly searching for these flexible positions.

Still, not a lot of companies are embracing this new way of work and we want to understand how the process can be accelerated.

Join us and know what we have to say about it. In this webinar we talked about:

In this session we talked about

Pros & Cons

Benefits and pains of remote working, from our speakers’ experience.

Culture & Remote

How to create a company culture with remote teams.

Best practices

Tools, tips and ways to keep the team organised in remote work.

The future of remote

How can companies start adopting this new way of work.


Ken Weary

VP of Operations @ Hotjar

For 31 months and counting, Ken has traveled nomadically across Central America, Mexico and as of December 2016, he's begun Europe. One of the biggest enablers to his lifestyle is the amazing work culture of Hotjar. The entire team of 25+ work remotely. Ken leads the Operations team at Hotjar where he oversees Finance, Legal, and HR.


Niko Roberts

Co-founder & CEO @

Niko is the visionary amplifying the value that companies get from running sales events for customers around the world. He created Eventfuel in Portugal, and 2 years into bootstrapping he moved back to Australia and proceeded to manage the company remotely.

Now based in Lisbon, Melbourne and Singapore, remote work practices are crucial to the management of the 11 time zones spanned.


Tiago Sá

Web Engineer @ Asos

After working for three years in London, Tiago started his remote career from Portugal, with the added benefits of having family close, good weather and terrific food (his own words!).

Two years spent, he felt that remote experience wasn't provinding him with the growth curve he wanted, so recently he accepted a position in an e-comerce business in London, working locally.


Pedro Oliveira

Co-founder @

A #RemoteWork advocate at heart, he’s helping grow from London while over 90% of the team is based in Lisbon. He believes that technical recruitment is in need of a git reset --hard.

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