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Security is (y)our DNA. We are in need of a security purist who can’t wait to take full ownership of ZIVVER’s information security environment. Your digital expertise combined with your social skills makes you the perfect fit to resolve complex security challenges and translate them into simple solutions & easy-to-execute actions. Quadruple growth of users and employees, ensuring changing expectations on a daily basis, seems paradise to you. 


Hot Take

- ISMS, NEN, ISO, ITIL is your kind of dirty talk;

- You store your PGP primary and sub keys on 2 different smart cards;

- Paper tigers are your worst nightmare; you’re not about to become Mr. Bureaucracy;

- The red team only wins if their team captain is Chuck Norris.


A day at HQ

You arrive to the office with a big smile. Last week you attended a summit with other Information Security Specialists. You were inspired and today is the day you’re setting up, according to best practices, an Enterprise Risk Assessment.


During the morning your meeting with ZIVVER leadership to discuss things like physical assets operated by employees; security components deployed, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems; data repositories, identification and authentication mechanisms; listing of all applications and much more.


Around 11:30 a.m. it’s time to host the monthly Security Awareness 101 for new ZIVVYs. The more experienced colleagues get their advanced awareness sessions at a later stage.


After enjoying a free lunch at the Humming Bar you dig into our ISMS-documentation. The chapter on Vendor Information Security Check needs simplification. Later in the afternoon you write a brief update for the Board and General Counsel for the bi-weekly Security Core. You prepare the necessary proposals so on Friday decisions are made, making sure ZIVVER maintains its speed and flexibility.


The day is drawing to an end. You’ve updated the off-boarding procedure a few weeks back and now you’re checking if everything went as smooth as possible. You’re about to close your laptop when Olivier drops in, asking if you’re up for a beer at the Humming Bar. It’s been quite a day, so that seems like an awesome plan!



  • Execute, maintain and improve existing policy regarding information security and GDPR compliance;

  • Monitor information security, report and act upon risks & incidents;

  • Actively maintain, update and improve necessary ISMS-documentation (such as: Risk Assessment, Incident Log; Processing Log; Business Continuity Plan);

  • Stimulate and increase security awareness throughout the organisation;

  • Execute internal audits; prepare external audits (such as: ISO27001, NEN 7510, ISAE3000D).


Main requirements

Skills / Degrees

  • Academic degree in business administration and/or computer sciences or related fields;

  • Detailed knowledge of ISO 27001, NEN 7510/7511/7512, ISAE3000D, GDPR and comparable international norms relating to (cloud) information security, information security management systems and assurance;

  • Aware of developments in security & privacy technology;

  • >5 years working experience;

  • >3 years in a professional role with senior level’  responsibility in managing information- security systems or programs of complex organizations in diverse geographic settings is required;

  • >3 years’ experience in change & project management;


Attitude / Personality

  • You enjoy a good Plan - Do - Check - Act cycle;

  • You consider risk something that is not to be ‘taken’ but to be ‘managed’;

  • You appreciate the value of complex, detailed and audited norms bring to the security, integrity and availability of information;

  • Proud of successes, peeved by mistakes, resilient to recover and learn;

  • Straight forward, direct, but respectful with a big smile;

  • You don't run off a cliff when your hair's on fire: think, count to ten, then act.


  • Choose your own hardware;

  • Beautiful top-floor office in Amsterdam;

  • Flexible working hours;

  • Flex holidays;

  • After-work beers in our in-office bar;

  • Diverse international team.

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